Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #3 {Chapters 11-15} [Read Along]

Plot Summary {Chapters 11-15}:  Hanna lunches with Mona.  Sees Wilden.  Tells Mona about shoplifting.  Eats sweet potato fries.  Bulemia relapse?  Spencer aces PSATs.  Wins Star Power.  Asks for barn as reward for PSATs, relegating Melissa and Wren to Melissa's old room.  Mike tells Aria that Noel likes her.  Aria decides to show off her intelligence to keep Ezra's interest.  Aria gives oral report, is stopped by Ezra. Stood up for by Noel.  Ezra jealous?  Spencer still freaked out by the "covet" email.  Emily and Spencer meet in awkwardness in the caf.  Emily goes to the pool.  Fights with Ben.

Discussion Points:
  • Okay, how screwed up is Hanna?  Shoplifting.  Bulemia.  Are both attempts at controlling unpredictable life events?
  • How much do we hate Melissa?  How proud are we of Spencer?  What's with Wren's winks an nudges and the introduction of the new boy Andrew?
  • Can we discuss how Byron asked Aria to keep his secret and what impact that's having on Aria?
  • Where the heck is this omnipotent A?
  • Is Andrew a viable suspect for A?
  • OMG, what is "the Jenna thing" already?
  • Do you think that Ben's actions in the pool will have impact on Emily's decisions with Maya?
  • Is your favorite still your favorite?
  • How are you feeling about the character development now?  Do you feel that anyone is more or less developed or that there is an imbalance in development?
  • How do you feel about the number of characters in this book?  Do you have a hard time keeping them straight?
  • Is Ezra jealous of Noel?
  • Do you think there is too much strong language in this book?
  • I think that Andrew is going to try to kiss Spencer at some point.
  • I think Emily is for sure going to hookup with Maya.
  • Add yours!!


AtenRa said...


Hanna is screwed up, big time!

I'm very proud of Spencer and I still like her as a character, but I just think that lusting after her sis's bf, no matter how mean and evil said sister is, it's wrong.She hasn't acted up on it, though, so I guess it's OK.

What Aria's dad asked Aria, to keep his secret, is so selfish of him.I cannot believe a parent would ever act like that.Burdening his own child with this terrible secret, that can ultimately tear their family apart, instead of being a responsible person, and a man, confessing what he did and face the consequences.But now, he just hides behind his daughter, filling her with guilt, "if you tell, it will ruin us", and now he just acts like nothing happen.It wouldn't surprise me if he had another affair with another student.

I don't think Andrew is A.It's way obvious.I don't think he has anything to do with the girls' texts and secrets.He just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, and his name starts with an A.

I want to know about the Jenna thing,too.If I had to guess I'd say a girl named Jenna is dead and the girls, especially Ali,had a lot to do with it (duh! I'm the master of predictions!)

Ben is lame and I think Emily realised it and broke up with him.Well, kinda.How she describes the way he touches her and kisses her, you can tell that she feels grossed out every time.So there's definitely something more, other than finding him lame, that makes her break up with him.


I'm still Aria and Spencer team.

I don't mind multiple characters, at all.I like seeing things happening from different perspectives and not from a single one, even though the book is not written in the characters' pov, 1st person.I know it must be a lot harder to write, but books with multiple characters are my fav, because they are hard to come by.


Of course Ezra is jealous of Noel.He's a guy after all!And he is obviously into Aria, who knows very well how to seduce a man. Cudos, Aria :)

I don't mind the strong language at all.I think it makes a book look more realistic. People swear in real life. A lot.But the amount of strong language must be controlled, according to the type of the book and its target group's age.


It seems kinda hypocritical of me to make predictions, since I have finished the book.But I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!


AFter PLL, is there gonna be a Flawless read along? Or any other read along, for that matter. I enjoy this one very much!

elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

•Hannah is so screwed up. I am sure that these are attempts at controlling something in her life.
•Melissa is evil! I really don't like how she pretends to be nice to everyone around her. I am definitely proud of what Spencer did. Wren obviously likes Spencer, so I'm interested to see where that goes.
•I think it was really stupid and irresponsible of Byron to ask Aria to keep that secret. It is definitely going to create problems
•Like AtenRa, I don't think Andrew is A. It has to be Ali, but I'm not sure how she is doing this. A reminds me of Gossip Girl.
•I really want to know what "the Jenna thing" is! AtenRa had a good point that it may involve Jenna being dead, but I don't know.
•Ben's actions will definitely have an impact on Emily's decision with Maya.

•Aria and Spencer are still my favorite.
•I think there is definitely an imbalance in development. I feel like Spencer developed the most over these past chapters.
•I like the number of characters in this book. It is exciting to see who the next chapter will be about. I don't have a hard time keeping them straight.


•Ezra is definitely jealous of Noel.
•I think the language is fine in this book. It is how high schoolers talk for the most part.


•Something will happen between Spencer and Andrew
•I agree that Emily and Maya are going to hookup
•Ezra and Aria WILL happen
•I'm still waiting for a Spencer/Melissa fight

I Heart Monster said...

Discussion Points:

Hanna. WTF, Hanna. WTF Hanna's mom. I'm thinking a lot of what Hanna did stemmed from Ali, and her snyde attitude about H's weight? Then with the trauma of the disappearance and no parental unit in her life, she's just fallen apart in an attempt to keep it together.

I'm intrigued about what will happen with Andrew and Spencer. I can't help but wonder if Andrew and Spencer will hook up and make Wren/Ian jealous. Spencer has so many options, and I honestly think that hers is the more realistic storyline so far. Plus, go Spencer! You rocked your PSATs and bested that whore of a sister you call Melissa. ♥

Byron's asked Aria to keep this secret of his. She keeps it by burying it. I fear it's the most unhealthy part of her life! I'm scared for her and the impact it might have on her as an example of a teacher/student relationship... even though she met Ezra before she knew he was a teacher, I'm kinda scared that she's so into him because of this psuedo-trauma she experienced in her teacher dad. Maybe she's mirroring without really understanding?

I guess if you don't have anything to do because you've been missing for a long time, and you can follow four people all of the time to figure out what they're hiding, you are one of two things: 1) horribly vengeful 2) horribly lame. I mean get on with your own life already, whoever you are A.

I also don't think that Andrew is a good candidate for A. I honestly don't think he's savvy enough, and why would he have interest in the other three girls? I don't think he's smart enough! (even though he is pretty book smart)

So the Jenna thing, seems to me, A knows all this about these guys, but they know this about Ali... so is A Ali, just trying to even the score?

I do think that Ben and Emily are over.


Still like Aria.

I also see an imbalance in development. I'm with elizabeth that Spencer seems uberdeveloped compared to the other girls at this point.

I think there are too many characters for my taste, and do have a little bit of a problem keeping them straight sometimes - mostly the extraneous characters like Ben and Sean though.


For sure. And I agree as well that Aria is way good at this.

I think there's more language than I'd like, but don't think its unrealistic or uncharacteristic of the characters.

@Aten Ra - I don't know if there'll be a Flawless Read Along, but would you be interested in another book? I was starting to think it might be fun to do a monthly Read Along.

@elizabeth - Now I'm totally waiting for the Spencer/Melissa fight! I think you're on to something there!!

elizabeth said...

I would be interested in a monthly read along. I find this fun!

AtenRa said...

@ I Heart Monster - Very interesting point you made about Aria and her relationship with Ezra.It reflects her father actions, and even though it is not justified, it may be psychological.

I'd love a monthly read along!I can't promise I will participate in each and every one of them, but I enjoy the exchange of opinion, it's very enlightening.I have a friend who reads the same type of books I read, but the time we read them has never coincided.So, I'm having so much fun with this!Maybe I'm just a major geek, I don't know :)