Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty Little Liars Read Along #2 {Chapters 6-10} [Read Along]

Welcome to Day 2 of the Pretty Little Liars Read Along!

From this point on, there will be spoilers, so if you haven't read these books, you may not want to read the questions or the responses below.

Plot Summary {Chapters 6-10}:  Emily recalls kissing Ali.  Air kisses Maya.  Spencer gets in hot tub after practice.  With Wren. Wren massages her to help her loosen up.  Spencer runs away.  Hanna tries to seduce Sean. Sean runs away.  Cops come over Tiffany. She gets arrested.  Gets off?  Find out Aria caught her dad cheating.  Aria approaches Ezra.  Ezra says no to Aria.  Maya entices Emily to ditch swimming.  Confesses she might be into girls.  Emily runs away, but can't peel her eyes off of Maya.

Discussion Points:
  • In the chapter where Emily receives her note from A, it talks about playing Spit on the deck.  Have you ever played Spit or a variation thereof?  
  • Spencer. Wren.  Discuss.
  • Looks like Rosewood Day is a private school.  In Chapter 8, we find out that there's a tuition to be paid.  How much do you think it is?
  • Let's talk about Sean's virginity pledge.  What are your thoughts on pledges like this and what do you think Sean's motivation behind the pledge is?
  • We find out that Hanna doesn't need to shoplift, yet she does it anyway, and if we're to believe our reading from yesterday, she does it regularly.  Why do you think she shoplifts if her mom pays her Amex bill?  
  • Now let's talk about Hanna's mom.  How cool was she at the police station?  What did you think about the events that transpired there?  Even though she was cool, do you think Hanna's mom did the right thing?
  • Um, Aria, Ezra, nowhere?  Color me sad.  You?
  • What did you think about waterfall, Maya, and Emily?
  • Is your favorite still your favorite?
  • How are you feeling about the character development now?
  • What are you thinking about these girls and their actions at such a young age?  Realizing it's fiction, do you think that this is an accurate depiction of your average privileged junior in high school?
  • Why do you think that some of the parents are referred to as Mr. and Ms. and others by their first names? Like Byron.  
  • Let's chat about the teacher/student thing some more, and what you think about what Ezra said to Aria.  
  • Let's also chat about Maya and Emily and whether or not you think they'll experiment?
  • I'm sticking to my previous predictions... what are YOURS?
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AtenRa said...

No, I've never played spit even though all my friends growing up were boys,who usually play it more often than girls.Sounds fun, though :)

Spencer and Wren.Weird.Wren is totally into Spencer and I think he is not into Melissa at all.Or maybe he was at first and now that they're moving a bit too fast, he feels confused.Spencer is into him too, but she's trying to restrain herself a bit,unlike Wren.There's also Ian Thomas and a possible spark between them.

I'm not into religion.In fact I'm not religious at all.My family never was.So, I never really got pledges and the whole sacredness of virginity, even though Hanna clearly states that Sean is not that religious.You should save your virginity for someone you truly care and love, yes, but do it for yourself, not because you feel obligated to do it.That is my personal opinion and I hope I didn't offend anybody.Now, why Sean does it. I really don't know.He doesn't seem like the virginity-pledge type of guy.Maybe he's cheating and he 's just using that as an excuse?Then why doesn't he just break up with her?Mmaybe he really want to wait,simple as that.

Hanna shoplifts, even though she doesn't need to , because she has tons of issues.Status change -from dork to gorgeous-and trying very hard to maintain that status, bulimia, her father practically abandoned her, so she craves attention and also the thrill and the satisfaction that she can do such a thing and never get caught.Until now, that is.

I found what her mom did completely wrong.I'm OK with supporting her when she's done something wrong and being there for her, but covering for her and and acting like nothing happened without even discussing it with her, shows in a way that,in fact,she doesn't care at all.Maybe she thought that being contradictive would have the opposite result,Hanna stealing again.I don't know.I think she just couldn't bother.

Nah, I don't think Aria and Ezra are over.All this chemistry cannot be wasted!

I want to believe that Emily has found in Maya a new best friend, but there is something about Maya I don't trust.I think she is playing Emily big time.And I don't know if Emily was always attracted to the same sex, a kiss with Ali is mentioned, but she sure doesn't seem into her bf very much.


My fav is still Spencer, yeah.And Aria!

I didn't go to a private school but I have a lot of friends who did.And some went to very reputable and expensive schools.I often hear stories about what some students did and I figured that they were not that different from my public school stories.What I know for sure is that what we did is nothing compared to what PLL girls do.It's not like I'm shocked, but as the years pass by, stuff change, a lot, and a lot of that for the worse.So does teens' attitude, apparently.But I don't think I'm really an expert on this matter, because I grew up in Europe and the way people are brought up here is completely different from the people in the US.Not saying better or worse, just different.So, when I read YA or chick lits, I often wonder how girls can act like that, because I'm not accustomed to that kind of behaviour.


*no spoilers whatsoever.If some happens to come true, don't blame me,OK? :)*

I think Spencer will make out with Wren, then she'll realise is wrong and she'll hook up with Ian.Wren of course will be furious and will threaten to expose her to her sister.

Aria and Ezra will surely happen again, probably at the end of the book.

Tawnya said...

~I haven't played spit, but my sister & I played speed ALL the time.
~Spencer/Wren. So Spencer is totally into Wren, but knows she shouldn't be. So while she wants to be around him, she isn't very comfortable with it. She also feels guilty about it - hence the whole running away thing. It seems like Spencer may be the kind of girl that is more his speed than Melissa who seems to ignore him quite a bit.
~ Tuition sounds to be significant, as Hanna listed it as one of the major bills that her mother works so hard to pay for.
~This whole virginity pledge thing is weird, where did it come from??? I'm not against it, at all, but he's not religious, and it didn't sound like it was a group idea, and it was news to all of his friends and Hanna, so I just don't know where he got the idea and the support group that would keep him sticking to it.
~shoplifting is a total cry for help. she does it for the 'moment right before you take it and everything slows down' feeling. she wouldn't need that feeling if she was getting um, any shall we say, attention at home.
~Mom at police station - NOT cool. I get not wanting your daughter to have a record and all that, but it was obviously for her own reputation, and not regard for her daughter's future. If my kids get arrested, (please no) they need to face the consequences. And why wouln't mom agree to community service, how could that ever be a bad thing?? My girls are 2, and we do time out as a way to teach that there are consequences to actions.
~Aria/Ezra. Is it just me, or is this book way backwards - the guys are the ones saying no!! Kudoz to these guys for having some morals in this otherwise moral-less book, but it does seem out of place in contrast to all of the secrets these girls are keeping. I am glad Ezra said no, but that's not the end of it - he totally admited he thinks she's awesome, so...
~waterfall - akward. So Emily is trying to convince herself that Maya could be great Best Friends material, and that everything that happens is totally what bffs would do, until the waterfall. I've got to say that it does seem like Maya is not what she seems, and possibly playing with Emily.

~I like Spencer, still.
~character developement is coming along. it seems to me that these girls wouldn't be in so much trouble if they got a little attention/affection at home.
~accurate depiction of juniors in HS, please no. I hope not. Can we all go watch the Disney chanel and High School Musical? I know kids experiment and do crazy things, but how is it that these four girls have been able to do everything all at once?
~the parents in this book suck. Mr & Mrs at least there's some respect being demanded of their children, but the whole just call me Byron and lets be friends is kind of a parenting cop-out.

~Maya & Emily are totally going to experiment, in this book, how could they not??

~Alison is a witch who is thousands of years old, and gets her kicks out of ruining the lives of young girls. Every 15 years or so she 'disappears' and 'reincarnates' as another young girl, so she can continue the fun of torturing her 'friends' later.

elizabeth said...

Discussion Points:

•I played (and still play but not as much) Speed all the time. I used to be really good at it, but my reflexes are a little rusty now.
•Spencer no doubt likes Wren. How much? I'm not sure. It seems like all of her sister's boyfriends like Spencer.
•I think it is a butload of money. probably at least $15,000 a year.
•Maybe he just wants to wait...or maybe he is gay.
•She probably likes the thrill of shoplifting and wants attention. Her mom doesn't care what she does and Hanna knows it (hence the whole Sean thing in the living room with her mom walking in).
•I thought it was pretty cool what her mom did, but it felt like she was being more of a cool big sister than a mom. I think she needs to act more like a mom.
•No way is the thing between Aria and Ezra over! It can't be. There will be more.
•I saw it coming, and I am sure it is not the last of it.


•Aria and Spencer are still my faves.
•Character development is coming along more now. I'm excited to see how they grow.
•I think these girls are in no way a realistic depiction of hight school junior girls. I can't believe all the things they do. It is kind of ridiculous at times. Maybe priveleged girls are different. I wouldn't know.
•I honestly have no idea why some of the parents are referred to as Mr. and Ms. and others by their first names. It seems weird to refer to some as one way and others as another way.


•I think Ezra is just trying to convince himself it's a bad idea. He wants Aria as much as Aria wants him.
•Maya and Emily will definitely experiment. NO doubt in my mind about that.


•Huge fight between Spencer and Melissa
•more is going to happen with Spencer/Wren and Spencer/Ian
•Aria and Ezra will happen again
•Alison is alive, but I do like Tawnya's prediction about Alison. It seems pretty plausible to me. I mean, how is one person seeing everything these girls do? Maybe they are all just crazy.

Tawnya said...

Did I mention in my predictions that I think Alison reincarnated as Maya?!

wait this isn't a fantasy novel? I stand by the prediction, so far it makes the most sense.

elizabeth said...

LOL. It does make the most sense so far.

I Heart Monster said...

Discussion Points:

Love Spit/Speed.

Spencer seems a lot more down to earth than her sister. Maybe Wren is a little more attracted to her because she seems like a better person. He seems to be worried about Melissa's family's interpretation of the reason he's with Melissa, so maybe he's trying to wedge himself in well?

Pricey. That's all I can say.

I, too, am confused by this pledge. WTF? Though I'm with Tawnya and think it's a good thing, I also think there may be something more to it than what it reads at face value, though I'm not confident enough about that to remark about it in my predictions.

for attention, for sure. she's filling a void in her life.

Nope, Hanna's mom didn't do the right thing. Man, seriously? No consequences? Lame.

I personally thought the waterfall scene was a little much. See thru undies and all? Weird. We'll see if it fits in later.


I think Aria's still my fav, but I'm liking Spencer more and more. I really don't like Emily or what's her face, Hanna.

It's getting better, but I still feel sketchy on the motivations. I think there might be too many characters.

I sure hope not. I hope that Jrs. are more down to earth and less worldly than these kids, but hey, I'm not a mom.

I don't get this whole Ms. so and so, and Byron thing. It's not narrated from a person's pov, so it's not like there's a person who's more comfortable with one family than another, and frankly, I find it quite annoying.

I think that what Ezra said to Aria will just make her try harder. Seriously. Don't shut her down completely dude. Lame.

They'll totally experiment. As you all said: inevitable.

@Tawnya LOL. Yes, Alison is definitely reincarnated as Maya. And she has a whole coven of witches that go around doing this to kids for fun, and makes them experience adult things when they're seven to conduct a social experiment for future brainwashing and witchcraft conversion techniques. You're brilliant!

I also wholeheartedly agree with the whole backwards thing about the boys saying no. I chuckled when I read that in your comment, but really, the more that I think about it, the more true it is and this is like reversoland where men are responsible. WTF.

@Everyone I'm so glad we all think Ezra and Aria are going to happen again. Why does this not skeeve us out? Why is the thought so hawt? Dunno.

@Aten Ra You don't offend anyone here with your opinions. This is a friendly space and we respect your views on religion or a lack thereof, and certainly on Sean's apparently nonsensical virginity pledge. ☻

It's also interesting that you bring up the differences between the States and Europe and the way we're raised. I tend to think that the majority of Americans are not raised with the type of environment shown to us in PLL. I hope that most of us are a lot more down to earth and instill better values than this in our kids. And it's also interesting, because I've had several friends who have spent a lot of time in Europe comment about how much more risque things are there than they are here. It must all be a matter of perspective ☻

@elizabeth Love the predictions! And oooooo maybe Sean is gay. That'd be an interesting twist!!!

AtenRa said...

@ I Heart Monster Yeah, I guess it is a matter of perspective.And I really can't imagine all teen girls in the US acting like the girls in PLL.That would be...not good!Elizabeth is right, maybe it's just the privileged girls.

@Tawnya There's definitely something fishy about Maya.I don't know if it's reincarnation(would something like that stand in a chick lit?)or whatever, but Shepard has to explain how come this person can be in all this different places at once and, most importantly, always at the right time!

I Heart Monster said...

I think Tawnya's being cheeky with the whole reincarnation bit, but yeah, you're right. It definitely wouldn't stand in something labeled chick lit!