Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's Earth Day Today! How Are YOU Celebrating? [You're The Expert]

We ♥ Earth Day!  This year, we're celebrating by planting some snapdragons, purchasing a few more reusable grocery bags, and by adding another eco-site to our Google Reader.  Since this is a bookish blog, and bookish people read, we though we'd spotlight a few of our favorite green blogs that you might not know about.  Hey, let us know how you're celebrating Earth Day in the comments section, and if we're missing out on any great Green blogs too, after all, you're the expert!

If you're interested in Earth Day, conservation, or the like, make sure you're not missing these:

Grist is one of the most useful and interesting sites that I subscribe to.  It's got interesting lists, and a lot of tidbits that I feel that I miss in the mainstream.  They seem to know what's going on in other industries like fashion, food, and are knowledgeable about current events, making them extremely relevant in my life.

We've been subscribers of The Green Guide since before National Geographic bought it a while ago.  To make themselves more eco-friendly, they quit sending guides in the mail, and migrated everything online.  They're a great source for information, and their blog in very interesting.

Cool Green Science by The Nature Conservancy puts out a daily Cool Green Morning post linking to nature-oriented news.  Some of it bores, but a lot of it is great.

The United States Forest Service puts out press releases via RSS to keep you up to date with what's going on with US national forests near you.  I've found a couple of great events and tips this way, and the updates are sparse, not overflowing my reader with useless information.

The Daily Green is a plethora of information, and an environmentalist's haven.  If you're interested in anything green and aren't checking this site, you need to start!  I love that you can subscribe to only certain parts of the blog, like New Green Cuisine, or Ask An Organic Mom.  It lets you get what you want from the site and nothing more.

A recent discovery of mine, Sustainablog, writes an interesting daily post that always seems to open my eyes in a new direction.  It's a great recent discovery of mine and I would be remiss if I didn't share it.

Eco-Chick not only has her own book out, but the tagline for her blog is Because Mother Earth Is A Woman.  For us girls, this blog is a do-not-miss.

Our new site for today is Groovy Green.  We like the site design, and the title, so thought it might be a fun addition to our daily sites.

Okay, it's your turn!  How are you celebrating Earth Day?  Any earth-oriented blogs that should have been on our list?  You're the expert, share!


Tawnya said...

we are planting 2 trees. go us!

bookaholic said...

Planting atleast a tree
P.S:I love th pic of the heart shaped earth :)