Wednesday, April 7, 2010


irrupt • \ih-RUPT\  • verb
1 : to rush in forcibly or violently
2 of a natural population : to undergo a sudden upsurge in numbers especially when natural ecological balances and checks are disturbed
*3 : to become active or violent especially suddenly : erupt

Example Sentence:
The stadium irrupted in applause for the local high school choir's outstanding rendition of the national anthem.

Did you know?
"Irrupt" and "erupt” have existed as discrete words since the 1800s. Both are descendants of the Latin verb "rumpere," which means "to break," but "irrupt" has affixed to it the prefix "ir-" (in the sense "into") while "erupt" begins with the prefix "e-" (meaning "out"). So "to irrupt" was originally to rush in, and "to erupt" was to burst out. But it's sometimes hard to distinguish the precise direction of a violent rush, and "irrupt" came to be used as a synonym of "erupt" in the senses "to become active or violent especially suddenly" and "to break forth," as in our example sentence.

*Indicates the sense illustrated in the example sentence.

John irrupted into the room and screamed, "Fire!" 

Your turn.  Try it out in your own sentence in the comments section!!


Lisa_Gibson said...

William irrupted into the theatre just as the crowd erupted into applause.

Tina said...

She irrupted into our car while we were having and argument!

bookaholic said...

Sam irrupted into the middle of our argument.

mysoulscreams said...

Thats the 2nd time you irrupted my conversation with your dad.