Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick Cover Revealed

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From Becca's Facebook Status:  To answer a couple of questions I've been getting: 1. Yes, James Porto photographed Crescendo's cover 2. Yes, Patch will be in the book! Just because Nora's on the cover, doesn't mean Patch isn't going to play a huge role in the book. He will. Oh yes, he will...


Anonymous said...

The cover is super good...........<3
Fantastic job..4 da ppl who worked on dis cover....we fans of hush hush rlly appreciate it
And 4 becca fitzpatrick...we all love hush hush and PATCH too.....keep up da good work.
P.S can't wait 4 Crescendo 2 g8 released............<3

dor said...

I want this badly.

Anonymous said...

Finallyy!! I read Hush Hush and LOVEDD it!! I know for a fact the Crescendo will be worth dying for!! If hush hush left me wanting more i know for a fact crescendo will leave me SPEECHLESS!! October 19 better come fast!