Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bookish Gift Ideas For Mom [Gift Guide] [Giveaway] [Brainstorm]

Did you know that Mother's Day is on May 9th this year? Better get your thinking caps on and get your gifts selected for mom! Here are a few pretty fun ideas if you've got a groovy mom with a bookish streak in her... and if you've got a better idea (which I'm sure you do!) please share it with us in the comments section.  We'd love to get a huge brainstorm going on down there.

1 Why not get your mom started on a great series that you like?  Books are always great gifts!  Don't know where to start her?  How about these (hover to see descriptions!:

2 If mom's not that into fiction, but loves to bake, check out the oh so cute, oh so affordable Cupcakes! book that Amazon has on sale for $1.30.  I recently got my copies and have to say the cakes look yummy and are totally fun.

3 If you're not comfortable picking out a great book for mom, why not try this adorable ribbon bookmark, or one similar from Denileeo Designs?  It retails for just $6 plus $2 shipping, and that's international! (less shipping if you're in the US)  There are plenty more designs to pick from, just click the pic below and it'll take you to the listing.

4 Into doing your own handmade gifts?  Don't forget about the post where we featured the Craftzine method of turning a beloved yet decrepit old book into a groovy journal!  Make one for mom, but make sure you get permission before you rip apart any of her books.

5 I'm thinking a bouquet of flowers paired with a book off your mom's wishlist would make an amazing gift too.  Mom doesn't have a book wishlist?  You still have time to chat her up and find out what's on her to-read radar.  And then, when you see her, talk to her, chat her up via IM, with her on Mother's Day, convince her to sign-up for Goodreads.  (or LivingSocial's Visual Bookshelf on Facebook, or whatever reading website you're using these days...)  What better gift than to be able to keep tabs on what's going on in your literary life and be able to interact with it?

6  Mom into nonfic?  Lots of them are.  Enter to win this five-pack of Nonfic titles from FSB Media (thanks guys!) by entering your details into the form below, as always, if there's a title you don't want, just check it off of the form. (hover on the titles to see descriptions)  Oh, and we won't tell if you keep them for yourself either.  It'll be your little secret ;o) (this bundle is worth close to $80 if bought from Amazon and over $110 in stores)

Mark whichever ones on the form off that you ARE NOT interested in, and we'll give them to a runner-up!

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YA Vampire Books said...

Inspirational post! I really have to buy a gift for my mom soon! ;)

katsrus said...

Great ideas. I always want flowers but; usually don't any unless I buy myself. LOL.
Sue B

Tawnya said...

I absolutely L-O-V-E the bookmarks, so great. And her pendants are great too. I have a necklace with some similar type pendants that are much pricier than these. What a great find and just right for mother's day, and gifting in general.

Lauren said...

Wow, what great ideas. We've already had Mother's Day in the UK, but I adore the bookmark and think it would make a fab birthday gift too. Thanks for the inspiration!