Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Is National Poetry Month [You're The Expert] [National Poetry Month]

What is poetry?

Pronunciation: \ˈpō-ə-trē, -i-trē also ˈpȯ(-)i-trē\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 a : metrical writing : verse b : the productions of a poet : poems
2 : writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound, and rhythm
3 a : something likened to poetry especially in beauty of expression b : poetic quality or aspect [Source]

What is National Poetry Month?
National Poetry Month is a month-long, national celebration of poetry established by the Academy of American Poets. The concept is to widen the attention of individuals and the media—to the art of poetry, to living poets, to our complex poetic heritage, and to poetry books and journals of wide aesthetic range and concern. We hope to increase the visibility and availability of poetry in popular culture while acknowledging and celebrating poetry’s ability to sustain itself in the many places where it is practiced and appreciated. [Source]
What poetry means to me:

My 7th, 8th, and 9th grade English teachers (Perrins, Grubka, Hughes respectively) were three of the most foresighted, inspiring teachers I ever had the pleasure of learning from.  I learned from them that poetry didn't have to rhyme.  I learned that The Sound of Silence really was poetry, and that poems pop up in daily life, you just have to know how to recognize them.  I learned that poetry and history are often related in ways that aren't always transparent.  These three women taught me these things and I didn't realize until very lately how much that actually impacted my life.  They taught me to think outside the box and to reach into my soul to tap the emotion that I had bottled up and transfer that feeling into my writing.  I learned how to cope, how to express feeling, and how to identify feelings by channeling these into my pen and paper. They may not have actually verbalized this, but their teaching methods were so outside the box that I learned it from them even if it's not what they were trying to convey.  Somehow, I suspect it was.   So, poetry, to me, is a tool, a communication device, a journal, an expression, beautiful, heart-felt, real.  It's important, even a sort of salvation some days, and I am utterly grateful for the relationship poetry and I have.

What is poetry to you?

Tell us in the comments section, or link to your own post about the subject using the linky below.  I'll also invite you to share any poems you'd like to share with us this month, either in the comments section below, or by adding a link to the linky below to ones you've published on your blog.  Keep your eyes out for ones I'm brave enough to publish this month too. 

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