Friday, March 12, 2010

Virtual Dinner Party Contest [Monster Birthday Party]

Come one, come all, to my virtual birthday dinner party contest.

What the heck is a virtual birthday dinner party? Well, I'll tell you what it is...

It's a magical place where you design a dinner party based on one book (any book!), and in return, I give you up to 20 extra entries for the giveaway of your choice this month.

Here's how you do it:

1) Pick your book.
2) Decide your menu and activity.
3) Design your invite, menu, and activity.
4) Email me a copy of your invite, menu, and activity plan, or a link to where you posted it on your blog. (you do not need a blog to participate, but it could be a very fun post)
5) You may combine your invitation and menu as I did below, but are not required to.
6) Your activity must be listed on your invitation (mine's dancing)
7) Accepted but not necessary are the following: place cards, dance cards, playlists,seating charts, you get the idea. You can go as big and elaborate as you want, but all you have to do is send me the minimum one file with your menu/invite in it.
8) If you participate, you will automatically get ten extra entries. The top 3, as picked by a yet undetermined panel, will receive an extra ten entries each. We will score on originality, aesthetics, and consistency with the book (i.e. our ability to identify the book by looking at the invite). Please no book covers or book cover fonts and NO EVITES! Keep with the theme, but be yourself.
9) If you would like to paricipate, please email me your stuff by March 31, 2010. After judging has finished, we will ask you to tell us for which book you want to use your entries. (That way you will get to pick from all 30 giveaways)
10) Make sense? It does to my brain, so if it doesn't to you, please email me.

I used Beautiful Creatures as my example for you, and I'm sure you guys are way better at visual design than I am!



Ella Press said...

This looks really fun!
I'll try to come up with something.

BookFreak said...

All right, mine not be the best but i entered.

May said...

Thanks for having this contest! I had lots of fun coming up with a design. :)