Monday, March 8, 2010

Tucson Festival of Books [Event Alert]

tucson festival of booksThis weekend, March 13-14, is Arizona Daily Star Tucson Festival of Books held at the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, Arizona.

It is one of the top Book Festivals in the US:
1) Miami Book Festival International

250,000 attendants, 400 authors, 8 days

6) Tucson Festival of Books

50,000 attendants, 450 authors, 2 days

2) National Book Festival

130,000 attendants, 70 authors, 1 day

7) Texas Book Festival

45,000 attendants, 200 authors, 2 days

3) Chicago Printers Row

125,000 attendants, 200 authors, 2 days
8) Brooklyn Heights Book Festival

30,000 attendants, 220 authors, 1 day

4) LA Times Book Festival

100,000 attendants, 100 authors, 2 days
9) Louisiana Book Festival

25,000 attendants, 190 authors, 1 day

5) Decatur Book Festival

65,000 attendants, 240 authors, 3 days

10) Wisconsin Book Festival

10,000 attendants, 150 authors, 5 days

I'm planning to attend on Saturday only, and thought I'd highlight some of the events I'm going to try to make while I'm there for you:

10amGuys Read: Inspiring Boys As ReadersJohn Scieszkaexplores how boys and girls are literate in different ways, what we can do to inspire more boys to read and why this is good for all readers.Kiva Auditorium
11:30amYoung Adult Fantasy For EveryoneCharles de LintAlice Hoffman
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
n/aIntegrated Learning Center - Room 120
1pmStaying In Hight School Forever: How To Write the Young Adult NovelJanette RallisonIn this workshop for ages 13 and up, award-winning teen author Janette Rallison will share the "rules" of the young adult genre and explore the basics of plotting, characterization and point of view, as well mistakes to avoid. Education Building - Room 333
4pmAwakening the Heart: Adversity, Love and Loss in Writing for TeensJillian Cantor
Sheri Sinykin
Alice Hoffman
Three well-known authors will discuss the role of adversity, love, and loss in contemporary young adult fiction, and how as authors, they translate emotion onto the page.Education Building - Room 353

What I wanna know:
  • Do any of these sound interesting to you?
  • Anything you guys want me to keep an eye out for?
  • Any questions lingering in your brains you want me to see if I can get answered?
  • Are you planning on attending the Tucson Festival of Books?
  • I'm thinking about going over to the Los Angeles Festival of Books... are any of you going?
Here's another easter egg for the Birthday Party! Answer the following question in the comments section below for an extra entry into any of the contests that are live (be sure to leave your corresponding email address and which book you'd like the entry for), by Tuesday at noon AZ time (2pm EST): Which author would you drive/fly to Tucson to see? It doesn't have to be one that's at the festival. Thinking theory here. Who would you drive across country/fly abroad to see in person?

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twipippi said...

I can't think of any questions and I'm not going anywhere.
And my answer on the birthday party question: No one. It's too far away.
And if that answer is enough for an extra entry for the Hush, hush giveaway: twipippi(at)gmail(dot)com