Sunday, March 14, 2010

MANGA 3-PACK [Giveaways] [Monster Birthday Party]

1999 Me: Comic Books? Pshaw. Right. Like, whatever. Those are for eleven year old boys. (I probably really sounded like that, seriously)

2009 Me: Comic books? Manga? Graphic Novels? Please! I love them! I don't know much about them, but it seems like every one I get my hands on is great!

2010 Me: I bet there are like tons of people who just haven't given Manga a chance. Hm. Maybe I'll do a giveaway?

So now you get to enter to win a Manga/Graphic Novel 3-pack: BATTLE ROYALE VOL. 1, DARK HUNTERS VOL. 1, AVALON HIGH:CORONATION (sequel to Meg Cabot's AVALON HIGH).

Those of you who loved THE HUNGER GAMES are bound to love BATTLE ROYALE. In fact, it's one of the things that I said THG seemed like it sorta ripped off (and so did Catherine at On The Nightstand... she showed me the movie first). It's got some advanced themes, so teens, make sure your parents are on board with you entering for these, mmmkay? Lotsa death and some rape-ish type stuff too.

So go ahead, enter, see if you like these suckers as much as I do!

Oh, and while you're at it, check the Party Main Post to see if you want to enter to win any other fabulous giveaways!

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Kelsey said...

I haven't read a single comic book/manga/graphic novel in my life, but since you were thinking the same way I am before trying them out, I'm going to go ahead and enter this contest. Who knows, maybe it'll be my new obsession!

Thanks for all the contests!!! :)

Haku said...

Oh my God!!!! *in shock yet* XD is awesome!!! I filled out the form I can't stay out of this giveaway no noo is just amazing!!!! thank you again!

Anonymous said...

! thanks !

robin_titan said...

I've been wanting to start the Battle Royale manga since I read the book. And yeah Hunger Games is a total rip off of it but I still love it anyway. I just love love stories so how could I not enjoy reading The Hunger Games? I thought the movies sucked and am looking forward to the American possible remake even though it might also suck too.

Book Monster said...

First Manga giveaway I've seen, very cool!! Thanks for hosting it.