Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lindsey Leavitt of PRINCESS FOR HIRE [Debut Interview]

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV. Yes, that Las Vegas
Astrological Sign: Leo the Lioness. Grrr.
Favorite Author: Oh, seriously? Just one? Um... okay... um... I'm scared! I can't do it.
Dr. Suess. Yes. I'm going to say Dr. Suess.
Favorite Vacation Spot: I'm so not picky when it comes to vacation. I'm happy with the HoJo down the street if it means I have
a. good food
b. blackout curtains
c. a great book
d. awesome company such as hubby, kids, or friends (based on the brand of trip)
d 1/2. free shampoo is always nice too.
Favorite Animal: Giraffes. I could watch them all day
Favorite Movie: I change every week. I just saw 500 Days of Summer and LOVED it but the movies I watch again and again are Mean Girls, Sabrina (original), Ocean's Eleven, Juno, and East of Eden.
Favorite Musical Artist or Group: Jimmy Eat World
Favorite Painter: I loved Degas's ballerinas growing up, but now I'd have to say John Singer Sargent. First time I saw Madame X was A Moment.
Place You Desperately Want To Travel: Italy, but that might just be because I'm craving pasta right now
Place Most Likely To Inspire: Well, since I write about princesses, it would be nice to hit up a castle or two. I'll go with Neuschwanstein castle in Germany since it's where my ancestors are from AND it's a total fairy tale castle (built by a supposed lunatic, but whatevs)
A Little About Your Book In Your Own Words: PRINCESS FOR HIRE follows Desi as she learns for herself the truth behind Princess Diana's words--"being a princess isn't all it's cracked up to be".
Princess For Hire releases this Tuesday, March 16th.
Preorder it from Amazon, Book Depo, or Changing Hands.

Note: PFH was released last month in the UK as a paperback from Egmont, but releases Tuesday in the US as a hardcover from Hyperion.

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Haku said...

yiaaay >w< must be hard to choose just one author! XD I love Juno too congratulations for your interview debut, it was great!