Friday, March 19, 2010

Jane Austen Society of North America [You're The Expert]

So, I want to share a funny story I heard while I was at the Tucson Festival of Books with you guys. Mark McLemore, the moderator for the YA Fantasy for Everyone Panel, started off by telling us a story about his cab driver that morning. When he called his cabbie, he told him where he was going and what his role was in the festival. He asked the driver, who was from Nigeria, if they read much literature where he went to school. The driver responded yes, but it was mostly British literature. When Mark asked him what his favorite book was, he responded with Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. That just goes to show us that great books can span cultures, span generations, and span continents, instilling a love for literature in their paths.

While I was at the Festival, I saw a booth for the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Jane Austen Society of North America, or JANSA. The group meets once a month, and has members ranging from people who have just discovered Austen to Austen experts. When I inquired about what they were about, they asked me if I liked Jane Austen. Do I like Jane Austen? I asked them if anyone ever answers no? I mean, what woman in her right mind doesn't fantasize about Mr. Darcy or Col. Brandon now and again? Their events look pretty intriguing, and I'm considering joining up, even though I'd have to drive 2 hours to the meetings.

So, I'm wondering, are any of you guys members of any of the regional chapters? Have you been in the past? Would you join if there was a local chapter? Tell me! What do you think?


Cleverly Inked said...

I loved that it spans far and wide. WHat a great post

elizabeth said...

Awesome post!

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stiletto storytime said...

Yes! I actually am a member of JASNA. I have been for about two years now. I have not been to any regional events yet (have not seen any in area) but dearly want to in the future and national as well. So far I have been able to enjoy their wonderful publications and yearly book of essays and other writings.
I highly recommend it for any serious Jane Austen fan. The cost is reasonable and it is so nice to be able to read about and know like minded people are out there.
As for Jane being universal...think of how many Bollywood productions that have her plots...she is simply timeless and translatable in any language. Part of what makes her so beloved by so many....

Great Post...she is my most appreciated author by far!

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