Saturday, March 20, 2010

DINGO [Saturday Steals] [Announcements]

I'm going to try this out, and invite you guys to participate too.  I do a lot of shopping for books throughout the week.  I do a lot of shopping, period, but I love to shop online for deals on books.  With the amount of literature I usually consume on a weekly basis, and the lack of a decent library in my city, I am relegated to purchasing the books I want to read.  Yes, yes, I do have shelves and shelves of unread books, but I still feel the need to search out books I want to read and get them for less than sticker price.  Before you jump me for not supporting publishers and indie bookstores by shopping and paying full price, let me explain to you that the nearest bookstore is ten miles away (Borders), the nearest Indie is thirty miles away (Changing Hands).  I do most of my shopping online, to save both my pocketbook, and the planet.

Anyway, Camille over at Archives of our Lives, who wrote a beautimous guest post for us called I'd Rather Burn In Hell Than Freeze There, has started a new meme called Saturday Steals.  Here's how she describes it:
I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like a good deal, and I don’t know many people who don’t try to get them at least once a week. So as you go about your lives this week, keep a mental note of any particularly good deals you run across, and then, if you’re so inclined, write a post about it. You can post it on your own blog at any time throughout the week, but then on Saturday (Friday night, really), you can come to the designated post on my blog and enter the link to the Saturday Steal post you submitted. That way, all my readers will be able to see what awesome deal you scored, and you, in turn, will be inspired by seeing all the other deals that other people got. We’ll all be one big happy deal-getting e-family.  So, what constitutes a Saturday Steal? Easy: anything you bought throughout the week that was worth (emotionally, spiritually, or fiscally) more than you actually paid for it.
This meme has the potential to reach across a very wide variety of blog genres which I think is super fun, so I'm planning to participate weekly, just so I can pass on some of the great deals that I've found and am excited about.  Hey, maybe you'll want to buy the same book I did?  Who knows.

This week, my steal is DINGO [Puffin (March 13, 2008)] by Charles de Lint.  I just ordered it from Amazon for $4.80.  Since seeing Charles on the YA Fantasy For Everyone panel at the Tucson Festival of Books last Saturday, I've been trying to figure out which one of his books to read as my first.  I am not really a fantasy fic girl, so I had to be careful which one I picked, but I definitely wanted to test him out because I felt he was very well-spoken, and I could tell he was very intelligent too.  When I stumbled on DINGO in the Amazon Bargain Books section, I immediately added it to my cart.  Here's the description:
High school senior Miguel’s life is turned upside down when he meets new girl Lainey, whose family has just moved from Australia. With her tumbled red-gold hair, her instant understanding of who he is, and her unusual dog—a real Australian dingo—she’s unforgettable. And, as he quickly learns, she is on the run from an ancient bargain made by her ancestors. There’s no question that Miguel will do whatever he can to help her—but what price will each of them have to pay? Dingo is quintessential Charles de Lint, set close to his beloved, invented city of Newford—a mixture of darkness and hope, humor and mystery, and the friendship within love.
Sounds good, right?  I can't wait to read it. *fingers crossed it comes to my door on Tuesday*  This is worth more than I paid for it fiscally, and more emotionally as well, since it's fulfilling this desire I have to read a work of Charles' and it's less than half price!  So, hey, why don't you do your own Saturday Steals post and link up over at Camille's blog so we can all see what a great deal you got this week?!?


La Coccinelle said...

I'm cringing right now. If you've never read any of Charles de Lint's books, Dingo is not the one to start with. If you're looking for a YA read, I'd recommend The Blue Girl instead; if you're looking for an adult read, maybe try Yarrow.

But, hey, you got a great deal (I wish I'd only paid $4.80 for my copy!). This is an interesting meme. I may have to participate in this one at some point. I've gotten some amazing deals...

I Heart Monster said...

:O( NOOOOO! I made the wrong decision! Dang it! Oh well. I am definitely staying in the YA genre for him... but I'll give Dingo a try since I already bought it, and if I don't like it, I'll still give THE BLUE GIRL a chance.

La Coccinelle said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news (I hate doing that). But who knows? You may like Dingo. I just felt it was kind of weak compared to his other books.

Charles de Lint is kind of the master of urban fantasy, and he's built up quite a reputation in that genre with his adult books. The Blue Girl definitely has more of that flavour, though (I'm still wishing he'd write a sequel).

Camille said...

I was all excited for you until I read the comments, and now I only hope your hopes aren't crushed! That would be a bad deal indeed. But I agree, $4.80 is a smoking hot deal for a book if it turns out to be as good as you're hoping! I'd love to read a follow-up post to find out what you think of this book. Keep us posted!

And thank you so much for both joining Saturday Steals and for spreading the word. I know your readers value your good opinion, so I appreciate you being so generous to me! (Also, I'm just grateful you posted, because I was really worried I'd get NO takers and I'd look like a fool. Phew!)

I wish you lots of steals so you can keep coming back and telling us about them!

I Heart Monster said...

@LaCoccinelle - I'll definitely post a review on this one, so keep your eye out for it.

@Camille - I think it's a brilliant idea for a meme, and I'm just jealous that you thought of it first ;o) Keep your eyes out for the review soon!

Shy said...

I love good deals especially when it involve books. As you know, a piece of paperback book could reach MYR40 in my country but it'll only cost me around MYR18-30 if I buy it on BookDepository. How could I resist such good deal?

Jennifer G. said...

I adore Charles de Lint! But then, I'm a huge fantasy reader. I have to agree with La Cocinelle though--this one's not his best. I much prefer his adult books to his YA books. It almost feels like he's trying too hard. He writes amazing characters, and that's why I love him. These characters were just okay. I'm glad you got such a good deal though, and I really hope you like it! If you don't, please give him one more try. For me? :-)