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Crown of Vengence by Stephen Zimmer [Book Inspection]

Plot Sketch: On a seemingly regular night in the city of Lexington, Logan, Janus, Erika, Lee, and several others find themselves engulfed in a fog thicker than any of them have ever seen before. When the fog clears, they find themselves in broad daylight in a strange new world where they do not recognize anything around them. With no idea where they are, or how they got there, they must all try to survive and solve the mystery of where they are and why they are there. Some of them find themselves in the land of the Saxans, while the rest find themselves in the land of the Onan. They all find that their lives will be affected by the great war that will be fought as The Unifier strives for total dominance as he tries to acquire Saxan and Onan obedience so that he can bring forth his master's work.

Verdict: I enjoyed the book. Zimmer manages to tell an original tale, keeping classic fantasy elements combined with a cast of regular people in a strange, vividly described new world. A good part of the book is devoted to character development because there are so many characters, but it does not detract from the story. The plot can be a little hard to follow at first due to its multiple story lines, but it becomes easier as the stories merge. My biggest complaint with the book were the multiple editing errors which took my attention away from the story at hand and focused it on these mistakes. These were concentrated in the first third of the book, with a few in the remaining two thirds. The writing style could have been improved if these errors were caught, but I enjoyed the style. I mean, it was fairly typical for the fantasy genre, but I wouldn't change anything about the style. I would caution that it's not the type of book that you can read for a little while and then set aside for a week. If you do that, you'll be entirely lost. I definitely will read the next book in the series, and I want to set aside time to read it straight through.

The Gauntlet:

Location: Ave, a fictional world
Main Character: There are eleven + main characters.
Favorite Character: Earthlings: Logan Aveans: Ayenwatha Can you tell it was hard to pick one? I liked Logan because of the way he handled and analyzed situations. I liked Ayenwatha because of his bravery and intelligence.
Time to Finish: Three weeks.
Got Stuck On: The editing errors. There were a couple of parts that I had to reread just to make them make sense. The storyline switches were difficult to follow, as I mentioned above, because I was picking the book up like I cautioned you not to.
Would Change: Fix the editing errors.
Favorite Line: "In the final account of one's life, the measure of oneself, and what one took a stand for, was all that truly mattered anyway." --page 303.
Good for I Heart Monster? Ph. Not a chance. Too descriptive for her concise soul.
People Who Will Like This: people who enjoy epic fantasy, people who enjoy fantasy RPG video games (but still read),
People Who Won't Like This: people who are so engrossed in this world that they can't even begin to imagine another, people who don't like strange animals, I Heart Monster, people who don't like people who are different from themselves
Chapters: they're not numbered, and I'm not counting them for you, sorry. Each chapter starts with the character its focused on. JANUS, THE UNIFIER, etc.
Paperback: 612 pages
Publisher: Seventh Star Press, LLC
Pulbish Date: November 1, 2009
ISBN-10: 0982565615
Author's Website: http://www.stephenzimmer.com/

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review of it.

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