Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Arizona Authors [Author Appreciation Week] #aa (@lisa_mcmann @JillianCantor)

Author Appreciation Week is hosted by Heidi R. Kling.

Today, I've selected some local Arizona authors that I appreciate, because they a) are awesome, b) are talented, and c) make me wanna say, "Nanny nanny boo boo, {insert author here} is an Arizonan tooooooo."

Lisa McMann:  The totally approachable, totally awesome Lisa McMann, is the author of the WAKE trilogy. She is a resident of Mesa, Arizona, my hometown, and is a very talented writer.  She's concise (a quality long-time readers will know is paramount in my book) yet descriptive and an author I recommend easily.  You can also enter to win a signed copy of the third book in the WAKE trilogy, GONE, in our Monster Birthday Party.

Janette Rallison:  Janette Rallison's books have sold over 900,000 copies!  Her writing is fluid, fun, and happy, and she lives in Chandler, AZ.  Attending her workshop at the Tucson Festival of Books (event report to come tomorrow), I have a new appreciation for her mad writing skills. She's also someone I recommend to people on a regular basis.

Stephenie Meyer: Um.  Duh?  Even if you're not a fan of TWILIGHT, you have to be a fan of what Twilight did for the YA genre.  Stephenie lives in Phoenix, AZ, and she set part of TWILIGHT here in Phoenix.  Gotta love it when you can read about the place you grew up in a best-seller, right?  After I discovered Meg Cabot, Stephenie Meyer was my next find, and she helped to perpetuate my interest in the YA genre. I've gotta recognize and appreciate that even if TWILIGHT isn't on my list of favorites, right?

Jillian Cantor:  You read my raving review of THE LIFE OF GLASS, I'm sure, but Jillian is a resident of Tucson, AZ, and an amazing author.  She wrote Arizona so incredibly well in THE LIFE OF GLASS, and I can't wait to get to THE SEPTEMBER SISTERS in my pile.  I'm appreciative that she did my native state and beloved desert justice in her work.  She was also at the Tucson Festival of Books last weekend, and I thought she was very well-spoken and honest on her panel.  Oh, did I mention her awesome?  She's awesome.  You can enter to win a signed copy of THE LIFE OF GLASS as well, as part of our MONSTER Birthday Party celebration.

This is in no way a comprehensive list of Arizona YA authors, it's just the four I like best.  Thanks for being amazing people, and helping to further my love of YA.  Oh, and for rockin' my socks off with your talent.  I heart you guys!

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