Wednesday, March 17, 2010


archetype • \AHR-kih-type\  • noun
: the original pattern or model of which all things of the same type are representations or copies : prototype; also : a perfect example

Example Sentence:
"A redeveloped Tonsley Park will be an archetype of the new economy … an economy that is knowledge-based, environmentally sustainable and responsive to climate change." (Brian Cunningham, The [Australia] Advertiser, February 9, 2010)

Did you know?
"Archetype" derives via Latin from the Greek adjective "archetypos" ("archetypal"), formed from the verb "archein" ("to begin" or "to rule") and the noun "typos" ("type"). ("Archein" also gave us the prefix "arch-," meaning "principal" or "extreme" and used to form such words as "archenemy," "archduke," and "archconservative.") "Archetype" has specific uses in the fields of philosophy and psychology. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, for example, believed that all things have ideal forms (aka archetypes) of which real things are merely shadows or copies. And in the psychology of C. G. Jung, "archetype" refers to an inherited idea or mode of thought that is present in the unconscious of the individual. In everyday prose, however, "archetype" is most commonly used to mean "a perfect example of something."

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Inked Books said...


The archetype of good fiction is the Harry Potter series.

(I hope I used it correctly.)

Shy said...

Think I should give this a shot but seriously don't know if I'm using it right.

Dracula is one of the archetypes that has influenced the writing of horror stories and the making of horror movies these days

Tina said...

Mmmm... let's see,

Twilight is the archetype of the most vampire books nowadays.

Wrighty said...

When it comes to horror novels, Stephen King's work is the archetype. My fascination with creepy stories began with The Shining.

*shivers* So good, so scary!

Haku said...

The archetypes of gothic writters is Love Kraft XD sorry maybe isn't right but well I think it. Send hugs! thanks for the extra entries!