Tuesday, March 30, 2010

100,000 Books For Soldiers [Take Action]

Dog-Eared Pages, a used bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona, is donating 100,000 books to deployed US soldiers in the Middle East!  Only catch?  They need names and addresses of soldiers so that they can send them to soldiers who want them.  They're asking for our help, America.  The bookstore received feedback from local servicepeople that there were not enough books to read while they were off-duty, and that books were a sort of hot commodity.  According to the store's website, here's what we can do:
Send an e-mail to all of your friends, letting them know that we need the address of any person serving in the Middle East and ask them to send the message on to their friends. We need this message to go viral; it will take 3,847 names @ 26 paperbacks per box to reach our 100,000 book goal. If you use Facebook or Twitter please post the message there also. If we all work together we can really make a difference for our soldiers. In your message, you can use this link for more information and instructions.   http://Tinyurl.com/Soldiers-Books

To get a box of books shipped here's all you need to do:

Send the name and address and your relationship (friend or relative) along with what he/she likes to read to: info@Dogearedpagesusedbooks.com We are sending a personalized letter in each box we pack stating who gave us their name (i.e. Greetings from Dog-Eared Pages Used Books in Phoenix, AZ Your mother gave us your name and address and asked us to send this box of books to you and your friends serving with you. etc) 

We are sending out the boxes as donations for postage is received, our friends and neighbors here in Phoenix are contributing every day.  Please, if you can, go to the Home Page scroll down to the bottom and make a donation for postage, it costs only 50 cents to get a book into the hands of our brave young men and women serving in the Middle East.

You'll note the yellow ribbon on our blog's title graphic.  That's a "We Support Our Troops" ribbon.  No matter the politics behind the conflict, we support our men and women who fight and appreciate them and the sacrifices they give.  To help you guys out, I've copied the email I sent to my friends and family this morning into the text area below.  Feel free to copy it and send it to your own email lists.  Let's help both Dog-Eared Pages and our troops by making this viral!

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