Monday, March 1, 2010


There's a scene in The Dark Divine that discusses a self-portrait that one of the characters made of themselves as an animal. I won't tell you who or what, but we did ask you what you would paint yourself as, assuming you had totally awesome talent, in your very own animalized self-portrait. Here's what you guys would paint:

2 birds1 butterfly10 cats
1 cheetah1 crow1 deer
2 dodo birds6 dogs2 dolphins
1 dragon2 eagles1 emu
1 ferret1 flamingo1 fox
1 gazelle2 giraffes3 horses
2 koalas1 lamb1 lemur
2 leopards1 liger3 lions
1 lizard1 monkey1 okapi
1 orangutan1 owl2 pandas
1 penguin1 phoenix1 pikachu
1 platypus1 porcupine1 queen bee
1 raccoon2 ravens1 shark
5 tigers1 toucan2 unicorns
3 white tigers1 wolf1 zebra

The winner is a liger, like on Napoleon Dynamite, and her name is HOLLY. Congrats Holly!


Shy said...

Congrats to the winner! I literally google the picture liger just now and guess what else I found - Tiglon. Very interesting, I've never known of either of this, to be very honest *blush*

I Heart Monster said...

No way! I honestly thought it was made-up until I searched YouTube. I thought it was just a dumb line out of a dumb movie! :oD *goes to check out Tiglons*

Dwayne said...

There are Tiglons???
Ligers are...intimidating. But baby ligers are seriously way too cute :)
Congrats Holly!

Ella Press said...

1 Pikachu!!!
*rolls over the floor laughing*
Congrats Holly!