Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Veronica Mars Started As A YA Novel [Poll]

veronica mars castThose of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I've been on a huge Veronica Mars kick lately. I'm in the middle of watching Season 2, again. Thing is, I love vmars@aol.com and can NOT get enough of her. I watched the originals on UPN, have watched my DVDs at least twice each, and now I'm on the third go round. I was so bummed when the CW cancelled the show.

So, I was doing a little research on Miss Mars and found out that the show started out as a YA novel that Rob Thomas wrote for Simon and Schuster. Did you guys know that? The protagonist was originally a guy. Because television scripts pay more than novels, and Rob Thomas can write them faster, he ended up turning his "Untitled Rob Thomas Teen Detective Novel" into what we all know and love... Veronica Mars, the television show.

I've been wanting Veronica Mars books for like, ever now, so I headed over to Rob Thomas's website and found the FAQ section where he said this:

will there ever be v mars books?So, I think we need a push for some publishers, what do you think? We need to show some publishers that there is a demand for Veronica Mars in print!

For those of you unfamiliar with Veronica, or those of you who just want to relive her a little, take a look at some of my favorite clips:

Thanks is due to @wastepaperprose for the link to the last video, I wouldn't have found it without help! So, finally, vote in the poll to the left. I want Veronica Mars books, do you? Tell us if you would read a Veronica Mars book! And, tell us in the comments section about your favorite Veronica Mars, be it a favorite line, couple, clip, etc. I'm curious! Oh and for those of you who are fans, check out Rob Thomas' SlaveRats.com where a ton of fun downloads can be found!

[Source: SlaveRats.com and YouTube]


Jenn said...

I love Veronica Mars! Your post has me wanting to rewatch the series now. I'm still hoping for a movie version with all the original actors. I would probably read novel versions, but it might depend on how they were done. Standalone mystery novels written by Rob Thomas? Definitely. Standalone mystery novels inspired by the show but written by someone else? I'd give it a try. Farmed out novelization of the TV show episodes? I'd rather watch the old episodes. Not a huge graphic novel reader, but for VM I would give it a try.

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I love Veronica Mars! I had no idea it was starting out to be a YA novel. The show was one of the best things CW has ever had and I still cannot understand why they canned it. I would love to a novel be written from the show!

Alea said...

OMG it's like Veronica Mars heaven up in here!!! Love it!

April said...

Veronica Mars rocks!

I have a book by Rob Thomas, Slave Day. So cool that he went on to create such an awesome tv show.

Jenna said...

My favorite show! I love Veronica Mars and Rob Thomas, so I'd love to see some VMars novels.

bianca_riot said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE VERONICA MARS!!!!!! =) please let there be a book pleeeease!!!!

YA Vampire Books said...

Oh I love Veronica Mars - best show eva! ;) A VM book would be awesome!
I got all nostalgic watching those video clips...can't believe that they cancelled this show!

Lea said...

Oh my gosh, I love Veronica Mars!! It would make such an awesome book,