Wednesday, February 17, 2010


evanescent • \ev-uh-NESS-unt\ • adjective
tending to vanish like vapor

Example Sentence:
"Dance is the most evanescent of the arts, evaporating into memory the instant it's completed." (Jordan Levin, The Miami Herald, November 13, 2008)

Did you know?
The fragile, airy quality of things evanescent reflects the etymology of the word "evanescent" itself. It derives from a form of the Latin verb "evanescere," which means "to evaporate" or "to vanish." Given the similarity in spelling between the two words, you might expect "evaporate" to come from the same Latin root, but it actually grew out of another steamy Latin root, "evaporare."

I love the group Evanescence, but didn't realize what evanescent meant. So, here's my usage for you:

That stupid, ignorant, evanescent ghost! How am I ever going to trap her?

Your turn! Use evanescent in a sentence in the comments section!


Cleverly Inked said...

hehe, cute meme

Anonymous said...

The evanescent bubbles of my drink tickle my nose.