Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Borders 2.17.10 [Bookstore Trip]

Today we made a trip to Borders books in Mesa, Arizona at Superstition Springs Mall. I purchased one book, but saw many that I wanted and many that are already on my shelves.
These books were on endcaps and piqued my interest:
dracula graphic novelvampire storiesnightlight
the walking deadthe ninja handbook
But, guess what? I didn't end up buying a single one of them! I waded through the YA section, which in my opinion is very poorly organized. In fact, I can't figure out their organization system. Check out some pics I snapped while I was there:
new stuff 1borders 3

bookshelves 2bookshelf 2
And then there were was the sex display that made me laugh:sex displayAnd the fact that the Plants of Arizona books were nestled cozily between the Cannabible and Marijuana Growers Insider's Guide made me giggle a little too:
pot 1pot display 2
But, after all of that crazy browsing and fun, I ended up purchasing only one book:
the iron king
Hope you enjoyed my bookstore trip report!
How did your last trip to the bookstore go?


Silvia said...

I did enjoy your trip. Here in Spain there are some bookstores that have some shelves with YA books, but in most of them there aren't many YA books. So I always love reading posts like this one and seeing in the pictures the books I would love to read. Although I feel pretty sad when I think about it because I can only buy them from the internet and unless I make a trip abroad (which I doubt will happen in a near future), I won't be able to go to a bookstore and buy them.

You're lucky. I'm saving some money to order again and buy The Iron King.

Emily said...

What an interesting post! I have to be honest, my last trip to the bookstore kind of reinforced my decision to eventually buy an e-reader. The Barnes and Noble I went to was really not organized very well, like they weren't even trying. I was there for the release day of Pleasure of a Dark Prince (squee!) and luckily was able to find the copy they had, since I hate it when I go to a store and they list something in stock and then it's not there. I still got the book though!