Wednesday, February 10, 2010


bolide • \BOH-lyde\ • noun
: a large meteor : fireball; especially : one that explodes

Example Sentence:
Though probably no more than a foot in diameter, the bolide offered a brief and spectacular light show as it streaked across the sky.

Did you know?
"Bolide," like "fireball," is a name applied to very bright meteors that often trail sparks. A clue to the origins of "bolide" can be found in the missile-like appearance of these meteors. The Greek "bolis," which comes from "bolē" ("throw" or "stroke"), literally means "missile" or "javelin." "Bolis" is the source of the Latin name given to these spectacular meteors, which is also "bolis." The word became "bolide" in French, from which it was borrowed by the English language in the mid-19th century.

Susie, I promise it's not an alien warhead come to take out the whole Western United States. It's just a bolide.

Your turn! Use it in a sentence in the comments section!

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Emily said...

Luckily for everyone, the Disney juggernaut rejected "When You Wish Upon a Bolide" as a song title.