Saturday, January 23, 2010

Woah! Words You Misspell Constantly [You're The Expert]

So... I was tweeting last night like I haven't done in a while (bad me, I know) and I happened to mention that I consistently spell whoa wrong. I think it should be spelled w-o-a-h. I mean, even when I get excited and enunciate the word, I say "woh - uh." @bookaliciouspam and I were tweeting back and forth and we also misspell receive (recieve) and separate (seperate) respectively, on a constant basis. I mean, what's the process to get a spelling changed formally to the way I want it to be spelled?

Hey, so tell us... what words do you misspell constantly? And why should we start a petition to change the spelling of your word? We wanna know!

In the meantime, check out this article on the Top 100 Misspelled Words in the English language. Oh, and while you're out it, give a shout out to Pam @ Thanks for the inspiration, friend!


Pam said...

Ha! whoote! Looking at that list wow.

Miss Pippi said...

What a great post! English is one of the hardest languages. I know I'm a bad speller so I'm always watching what I rite...write...right? Have fun!

Miriam said...

I can never spell Environment (I say enviroment) and anything where the 'a' or 'e' sounds like the other. I am so bad at spelling :S

Emily said...

The word vacuum gives me trouble constantly. Even now I had to use spellcheck to make sure it was spelled properly.