Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Unrelenting Unconsecrated In The Forest Of Hands And Teeth [Audiobook]

Size: 135 MB (Audible.com)
Length: 9 hours, 28 minutes
Author: Carrie Ryan
Narrator: Vane Millon

Plot Sketch: Mary lives in a village that is protected from The Forest of Hands and Teeth by fences. The people in her village grow up with the moaning of the unconsecrated from the forest and at the fences. They learn early on not to get too close, lest they get bitten and become infected themselves. The Sisterhood runs the village both spiritually and politically, seeing that customs and culture are conformed to. Mary's father went out into the forest, but has not been heard from since. Her mother is distraught and goes to the fences to look for her husband daily. While Mary's brother Jed is off with the Guardians, the protectors of the village, Mary is in charge of making sure that her mother does not get too close to the fence. They all live in fear that the fences will not hold, and that they will have to flee to the platforms to escape the fate of becoming unconsecrated themselves. How long will they hold?

Plot Verdict: I Heart It? Though most of the time I balked at Mary and her decisions and her lack of rational thought, I cannot deny the fact that I stayed up until 3 am listening to this. I cannot deny that I was intrigued and invested in the story. Though the crafting of the words and sentences was well-done, the story's content and structure left me questioning the actions of its characters time and time again. This may not have been as apparent if I would have read the novel instead of listened to it? I don't know. It was suspenseful and interesting, but also confusing and frustrating. What did you think of it?

Narration Verdict: No Love. I think I may have liked the story more had there been a different narrator. Millon's tone was flat and her inflections predictable. I didn't enjoy her accent, finding it distracting, and wondering why, if the story took place in what used to be the United States, the publishers picked a narrator with such a distinctly Spanish accent? I honestly think more people would like the audiobook if it would have been more appropriately narrated.

People Who Might Like This: people who liked Dawn of the Dead, dystopia lovers, people who love suspense.
People Who Probably Won't Like This: those easily prone to zombie nightmares, people who like logic and reason in their stories, people easily offended by others' loss of faith in God.

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If you want to know the parts I balked at, keep reading... if you haven't read the book, these are spoilers, so don't keep going.

  1. Why did the Sisterhood release the Gabrielle into the Forest of Hands and Teeth? We never got resolution as to what the tome that the Sisterhood kept so secret regarded or protected.
  2. Why were there not weapons and food on the platforms already?
  3. Why were there not enough platforms for all of the people in the village?
  4. I don't remember hearing if animals could be infected... it would have been nice to know that aspect with Argos in the story.
  5. In the village that Gabrielle came from, where everyone had become unconsecrated, when Mary and Travis were in the house, why did they wait until the zombies were at their heels to get to the attic? Seems like really poor planning to me in a life-threatening situation like that.
If you know the answers to some of these, and can clear them up for me, please note it in the comments - and note that there might be a spoiler in it too please so that we don't ruin it for anyone.


Princess Allie said...

I liked the book but really understand your fustrations about the book. I am extremly picky when it comes to audio. The speaker must do voice acting or I don't get into it. Usually, it would also have to be in first person. I had listen to the sample of this book and thought it was awful. I would have gotten bored real fast. I really do love this story, but thought the ending wasn't that great and her actions to be really fustrating.

SerieslyReady said...

I just started reading this book. I hope it isn't too frustrating.