Sunday, January 31, 2010

Top Five Reasons I'm Team Damon

Vampire DiariesI guest posted at Zoe's Book Reviews today on the Top Five Reasons I'm Team Damon when it comes to the Vampire Diaries.

Here's a little snippet of the post:

#1 Stefan is the obvious, safe choice. I tend to root for the underdog. Sure, Stefan is more in touch with his "humanity," but I think that Damon doesn't get the credit he deserves for his recognition of and rebuttal to that humanity. And that brings me to...

To find out the other four reasons, and a bonus point, click here and read my guest post at Zoe's Book Reviews. Special thanks to Zoe for letting me post at her blog!

Oh, and tell me. Are you Team Stefan? or are you Team Damon like me?
Vampire Diaries: Team StefanVampire Diaries: Team Damon


YA Vampire Books said...

Oh Team DAMON all the way!! Really. But I want him for myself though, Elena can have Stefan ;). And seriously, how hot isn't Ian Somerhalder?

Ella Press said...

team Damon, of course.

i agree with everything you say :)
and ditto YA Vampire Books. Elena can have Stefan (i mean, it'd be like Bella falling for Jacob, when everyone knows she has to end up with Edward -even though i think Edward'd be so much better off without her), i'll comfort Damon for Elena not loving him any day! lol

Holly said...

I love love love Damon. Stefan is so boring! I like the bad boys in my books. Team Ranger for Stephanie Plum books, Team Eric in Sookie Stackhouse books, and Team Damon for Vampire Diaries show. (I hated the book)

I Heart Monster said...

@YA Vampire Books - Woot! Ian Somerhalder is smokin'!

@Ella - you and me both, babe..

@Holly - bad boys are so much more fun than good ones! I haven't read the Sookie books yet - but from watching True Blood, I'd totally vote for Eric over Bill (um, tall blonde Viking over boring ex-Confederate? no contest.) Sorry to hear you hated the book though!

Shy said...

*lol* I just saw this! I am SURELY on team Damon!