Monday, January 4, 2010

Operative Factors: Bookswap on Goodreads

Happy Monday everyone! I just got my bootay back from a great hike in the Superstition Wilderness Area adjacent to Tonto National Forest. Relevant? Probably not, just thought I'd share. It's what I did before my hike which is relevant to this post. I dropped off two books at the post office. Nope, they weren't contest winners, and I didn't sell my books. I swapped them on Goodreads. I went through one of the piles of books that I had on my bookshelf of books I pretty much hated, and listed a couple of them as available for swap on Goodreads.

Within what seemed like hours, they were requested, and I accepted their requests. Then I headed to my mom's house ('cause my printer's on the fritz) and I printed out shipping labels for the books. The requesters paid for the shipping, but nothing more.

Then today, I affixed the labels with packing tape and dropped Girl In The Arena and Strange Angels off at the post office. The whole process was easy peasy, so I thought I'd share it with you today.

Oh, and I even requested a book, so I'm excited to see when it gets here!!

According to Goodreads, here's the process:

Goodreads Bookswap lets members give away books they no longer want and request cool new books from other people. It's good for the planet, and did we mention you get books for free?

how it works:
  1. You find a book you like and request it.
  2. You provide your address and payment info for shipping.
  3. The person offering the book confirms your request, prints out a shipping label, and mails the book.
  4. You get billed when the other person prints the shipping label.
  5. USPS delivers the book.
  6. You enjoy a good read.
I think that at this time it is only available in the US, but am not positive. You can even maintain a bookshelf called wishlist and it will integrate the books on that shelf to let you see when those are available for swap.

So, tell me what you think...

  • Have you tried this service through Goodreads before?
  • If you're a Goodreads member, will you try this service?
  • Do you have any concerns about this service?
  • Will you join Goodreads to try it out?
I'd love to hear your take on this... and any feedback you have if you've tried it being a novice myself.


Princess Allie said...

I love Goodreads, but only as a database. To swap books I use paperbackswap and have been most happy with them. :)

Monica said...

I tried it once but I think the shipping prices are way over priced. I use paperbackswap the most for my book swapping needs.

Mandy said...

I use goodreads, but I had no idea that you could book swap. But according to the comments, it's not worth it? I don't know.

I Heart Monster said...

In my experience, the shipping was about $1 more than it would have normally been for straight up Media Mail, but because it incorporated Delivery Confirmation into the label, it makes it about 20 cents more. Since I can drop them in my mailbox and not have to drive to the post office, I save that more than that 20 cents in gas... so for me it's about equal.

Since I posted this, I've found 2 more books on my to-acquire list and requested them on Goodreads, something that took me about 2 months on

I also like that the requester pays for the shipping... and that you can deny requests if you think someone is trying to cheat the system at all.

Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I've used the book swap at Goodreads a few times, and for me, it works wonderfully. It's a great way to get books you want to read for a lower price than what you'd have to pay at the store.

Wrighty said...

I belong to Goodreads but didn't even know they had this. I'll be checking it out right now! I've never used any other swap sources but I have swapped a few times with individual bloggers. I'm setting up some more now. So far so good but it's a new process and Ive only done one at a time. Thanks for the info!