Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Moon Available For Pre-Order at Amazon [Product News]

Like I was saying when I was telling you guys about the Alice Jewelry at Amazon, I haven't seen New Moon yet. I really am not planning on seeing it until it comes out on DVD. Well, today Amazon emailed us to let us know that it's available for pre-order!

So, if you're like me and remember the mess that was people standing in line the day of Twilight's release to DVD at midnight in order to get their hands on a copy, you might consider pre-ordering it so that it shows up at your doorstep instead. Hey, that's just me though. For some of you, part of the excitement and thrill might be standing in the lines. Who am I to judge? Go have fun! :o)

If you're wondering, it drops March 20. Right now, Amazon has the two-disc DVD priced at $21.99. My favorite thing about pre-ordering from Amazon though is that you get the lowest price it was offered for from the time you placed your order until shipping, when they charge you. They do that with books too, if you didn't know. (I sound like an Amazon commercial! Sorry, I'll stop now!)

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