Friday, January 29, 2010

Ivy League Romance Novel Course? [News]

According to The New Haven Register, Yale has begun teaching a course on Historical Romance. As part of Yale’s College Seminar Program, where students get undergrad credit for attending seminars at residential colleges, Reading the Historical Romance Novel, garnered 80 applicants for its 18 slots. The seminar, taught at Saybrook College in the Spring semester, focuses on novels set in the Regency Era.

I kind of chuckled when I read the article, but then I thought, "Hey. At least they're broadening their horizons." Then I stumbled on an article from the Yale Herald, which is humorous, but gives a blurb from the syllabus: “despite the dismissive sniffs, “romance” is achieving not only commercial success but serious academic attention as well.” My favorite line from the article is, "It was, however, very surprising to see my suitemate come home from the Yale bookstore with books with titles such as Regency Buck, The Accidental Duchess, and to top it all off: Beyond Heaving Bosoms; The Smart Bitches’ Guide to Romance Novels."

Both articles are pretty clear that Romance is not Erotica, and includes "historical romance fiction, mysteries, family sagas to chick lit." If that's the case, I think it'd be a most interesting course. I'd totally sign up. Would you?


Steph Su said...

I would sign up too! This gives me hope for YA becoming a serious genre of study in the future. Yay!

Emily said...

I would totally sign up for this class. Not only would I actually be motivated to do the reading, but the resulting discussions would have the potential to be really awesome.