Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Don't Work... Unless It's For Chocolate [Graphic Novel Inspection]

Nemi Vol. III
Title: Nemi Vol. III
Author: Lise Myhre
Publisher: Titan Books

Description: Nemi is this lazy, bum of a goth girl who hardly ever follows through with anything. She'd rather have chocolate than a relationship, and she's got this pretty grim look on life.

Verdict: I Heart It! Thing is, she's funny. The description may not do her justice, but Nemi is a hilarious read, and I'd suggest reading her if I were you... she's number 2 in Norway and deservedly so.

People Who Might Like This: people with a dark-er sense of humor, college students, people who like to smile, people who take pleasure in others' misfortunes.
People Who Probably Won't Like It: Hard core anti-smokers, chocolate haters, holier-than-thous, and pretentious pricks. oh and little miss sunshine with a cracker stuck up her you know what won't like it either.

Comic published to the web by NemiMontoya on Twitter.

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