Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Finish Line [Bloggiesta]

So, here's how I did on my goals:

Inspections for To Catch A Pirate, Beautiful Creatures, Nemi, Lenore, Avalon High Coronation, The Awakening, The Demon's Lexicon, Girl of the Moment, Healthy Bread in 5 minutes, Digital Photography and Stargazer and schedule the posts. I finished the ones in bold.

Create a grabbable IHM banner and badge: These will live over on the sidebar in case you want to grab one.

I <3 I Heart Monster

I <3 I Heart Monster

Participate in some of the mini-challenges at other participants' blogs:

Beth Fish Reads label clean-up. I cleaned them up and I feel a lot better about it. I took out all of the author tags and cleaned up the genre tags, and consolidated a lot of tags. Though tedious, it was great and I'm glad I did it.

Additional things...
  • I created a "feed me with your comments badge" on the right top section of the sidebar... feedback much appreciated. Don't hold back - love it hate it, share it, I won't be hurt.
  • I played around with Wordpress. I'm considering switching over to Wordpress and I spent a significant amount of time playing around with it.
  • I have decided to start highlighting some words in the review posts to make them scanable, and decided to make the post titles a little more exciting, and put the tag at the end of the title in brackets so that it's still clear as to what's going on. Tell me whether or not you like it...
  • I'm also going to start adding the people who will like this: and people who won't like this: to the end of my reviews because I got great positive feedback on those for the graphic novels.
  • I added an email sign-up for contest notification on the sidebar... It'll be hosted through Google Groups.
I came in at 12:37:55 time spent working on my blog... which is a half hour more than my goal!

I'm making another goal for myself to finish the last five reviews that need to be written by Tuesday. They need to be done, and I need to get them scheduled!!

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Thanks to Natasha for hosting this great event and organizing it for us! I loved the weekend dedicated to blogging and making our blogs better!

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Amused said...

Wow I am very impressed! I'd be interested to know if you do decide to make the change to wordpress and what the pros/cons are you discover along the way. Best of luck!