Monday, January 18, 2010

Ever Get Distracted When Reading Websites? [Operative Factors]

Readability LogoWell, I know I get distracted when I'm reading some of my favorite websites. Flashing banner ads, creepy crawly things that go across my screen asking me to take surveys, and even extraneous videos playing while I'm trying to read all really annoy me.

Readability Clip 1
I read about this site called Readability at Popgadget, and checked it out. I kinda fell in love with it. I mean, I won't use it for every website I read, just the more notoriously annoying ones. Basically, it strips out all of the formatting and annoying flashy things and puts it into your preferred format, just by clicking the bookmarklet in your bar. You get to select the style, size, and margin that you want to read. Styles include newspaper, novel, ebook, and terminal. Size ranges from small to extra large. Margins range from narrow to extra wide.
Readability Options

I definitely thought this site was worthy of an operative factors post, and think that you may end up using it on those annoying sites that have great content, but you can't stand their design. colors, or ads. (Oh, and if you plan to use it on IHM because you hate my design, colors, or ads, please drop me a note and tell me what's bugging you)

Used Readability before? Tell us if you like it. Haven't used it? Tell us if you're gonna try it.


Bored_D said...

Thanks for posting about this - it drives me CRAZY when websites start playing video or music when I'm trying to concentrate on readings something. I will definitely check this out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the link/site suggestion! I mostly have a hard time with colors, but want to enjoy the site I am on. Since I am using basic WordPress I hope now that I don't have anything annoying, but if I do I hope to be able to afford to take it off eventually. In the meantime great suggestion and thanks for sharing!!! :D

MotherReader said...

Yours is the second site I've seen that mentioned Readability and I am indeed intrigued. I skim-read well online, but when I really want to slow down and digest an article, I find it hard to stay focused. This might help me out. Thanks!

aloi said...

thanks for a link to GREAT app! i've installed it and will probably get less distracted now :P