Friday, January 8, 2010

Audiobook Inspection: Hope for Animals and Their World by Jane Goodall

Hope for animals and their world
Size: 11 CDs (Hachette Audio CDs)
Length: 12 hours, 48 minutes
Author: Jane Goodall
Narrator: Jane Goodall

Plot Sketch: This is a nonfiction audiobook with Jane Goodall telling us about species that have been on the very brink of extinction and the stories behind how we as the humans who endangered them in the first place, brought them back or are currently trying to save them.

Plot Verdict: I Heart It! The first story made me cry. I was literally driving down the freeway listening to Jane narrate the story of the black-footed ferret with tears streaming down my face. It was a powerful way to begin, and the stories kept coming about wallabies, birds, and even lice. Even though it's long, it's really good if you are at all environmentally inclined. This book is nothing if not inspiring and hopeful.

Narration Verdict: I Heart It. I felt like having Jane Goodall as the narrator was like having Jane Goodall sitting in my car telling me about the journeys she had taken and the work to save species she'd experienced. It was like a private lecture. I adored listening to Jane. But I didn't feel like Thayne Maynard and she had a good mesh going. I found Maynard to be quite abrupt after listening to Goodall, and didn't enjoy the transitions.

  • The book's website has all kinds of exclusive content that is referenced in the book.
  • Listen to what Jane has to say about this book:



Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jane Goodall she's such an inspiration! I saw Jane not too long ago on The Daily Show? An amazing women. Will HAVE to get this!!! Looks like I'll have to listen/read with tissues.

I Heart Monster said...

Definitely with the tissues! I was surprised at myself, bawling as I'm driving down US60.

Jenn said...

I love Jane Goodall too. I'll definitely check this out. I've been wanting to get some audio books to listen to while exercising but I'm thinking I might have to save this one for car/home time. Not so keen on bawling at the gym while on the elliptical. . . :) Thanks for the recommendation!