Tuesday, February 2, 2010

13 Bookish Gifts for Your Valentine [Gift Guide]

We've compiled a list of twelve bookish items with the potential to dazzle your crush or sweetheart. The thirteenth is appropriately numbered as a suggestion for those who are unlucky in love. Take a peek and tell us what you think!

For The One You Love
what i love about you
What I Love About You is a hardcover book with prompts for you to fill in about the one you love. It's like fill-in-the-blank with awesome questions that can be corny, sweet, or cool, depending on you and your loved one. We have personal experience with this one and recommend it! $14 Amazon, Book Depo, Changing Hands
love bookmark
Love. It's such a great word. Celebrate yours for your beloved with this clever photo bookmark, Love Is A Beautiful Word. Perfect for either sex. Small, compact, useful, but meaningful. Especially if it comes from you. Find it at Etsy by seller AmeliaKayPhotography. $4
i heart you magnets
Similar to the bookmark, but oh so different is the I Heart You scrabble magnets. Think what a wonderful surprise this could be if you were to wake up to them on the fridge in the morning? Or, you could put them on someone's locker at school. A fun, off-beat way to show someone you care. Made by Etsy seller bugbugstudio, with other lovey phrases available. $8

For Him
book belt buckle
Belt Buckles can be fun for some guys. Well, they can be for some girls too, now that I think of it! But this Health Handbook belt buckle, upcycled from an old library book by Etsian Maxine Dearis adorable. They have more than this one if this isn't quite your style, but it could be a great V-day gift for the stylish bookie. $32
book vault
"The name's Bond. My secrets will never be told. You will never find my secret stash because I'm too clever for you. My girl bought me a book safe. Oh. Oops. I mean a hidden safe. No, wait, don't throw all my books on the ground! It's not there!" See that happening with your honey? Check out the Think Geek's Book Vault. $35
comic book cufflinks
Does your man still read his comic books, but have occasion to wear cufflinks? Check out these super cool comic book cufflinks made from another Etsy Seller, TheClayConnection. You actually get to choose the comic book these are made from, making them custom for your Valentine. $27
book inspector paperweight
I think this "Book Inspector" glass paperweight has special appeal to us because we call our reviews Book Inspections. Think how it would make a great vintage-feel addition to that office that needs just a little quirk. Check out seller Ephemeralogie's other bookish themed products as well. $24

For Her
its only words bangle
The It's Only Words Bangle by Etsy seller LadyInAShoe is perfect for the bookish gal. It's made from torn bits of pages from a 1939 edition of Captian Horation Hornblower. Think about your girl's style and see how this would work with so many things, and it's unique! $12
red love journal
This hand-bound beautiful red journal is inset with the Chinese symbol for love. Write a little personal note on the first page or inside cover and every time she uses it, she'll think of you. Handmade by Etsy seller Bookwright. If this one isn't quite your cup of tea, check out the other journals in the shop. $24
banned books tote
More appropriate to give your crush than your steady gal, this I heart banned books tote is made to the size of a paperback and makes a statement. If you think that mainstream popular books aren't banned, think again. Harry Potter, Twilight, and many classics are all on various banned books lists across the world. Etsy seller SweetWaterCrafts helps you help her make a statement while keeping yours minimal. $7
robots love tote
On a similar vein, check out this playful Robots In Love reusable book tote by Etsian happyfamily. It's just right for the bookish gal who hearts her tech. Fill it with chocolates and flowers and have a fun Valentine's gift that she'll adore. $10
Edward Bite Ring
Gotta Twilight fan you need to please? This unique "I'd Let Edward Bite Me" ring may not be for every girl, but I can see some die hard fans hearting it big time. It's fashioned out of antique brass and will fit sizes 6 and up. Thank Etsy seller OfTheFountain for this one folks. $10

For The Unlucky In Love

Vampire Seduction Handbook
Humans suck. You can't find the right one. It's nearly impossible to find one that has the same interests and isn't completely weird. Sound familiar? Time to get out the trusty copy of The Vampire Seduction Handbook and learn how to snag yourself an undead hottie. $13 Amazon,Book Depo, Changing Hands

We hope you've enjoyed our selections for you! Tell us... what are you planning on getting your love this Valentine's Day?


Chris at Themeaparty said...

I love finding strange and unusual gifts for Valentine's Day, and this article definitely has some great ideas! I have a similar book vault, and the comic cufflinks are a great idea! Hmm ... I'll hint to my wife about this post.

Dave said...

The book safe rocks!

Now, I can just imagine wearing those cufflinks along with my Tie tie... (that's Tie fighters from Star Wars).