Sunday, December 20, 2009

You're The Expert: Holiday Baking

My family is of Swedish descent. We make little star shaped ginger cookies called pepparkakors for Christmas almost every year (photo credit to and see a recipe at A Cookie for Every Country). It's a tradition I look forward to.

This year, my friend T (who so aptly helped me with the review of Chocolate: A Love Story) and I have baked I think seven different cookie recipes from the Martha Stewart's Cookies book. Every single recipe we tried was excellent.

I'm going to try a peppermint cheesecake tonight, a recipe I found from Better Homes and Gardens... wish me luck!

You're the expert on you and your family and your holiday baking traditions, so come, share, tell us a little about you and yours!
  • What are your favorite holiday baked goods?
  • What baked good just makes the holiday for you?
  • Do you have any holiday baking traditions?
  • Any cookbooks out there that you can't live without during the holidays?


Cleverly Inked said...

My husband is Polish so we have adapted some of their tradition. They don't eat meat Christmas eve, We also break bread. One of the traditions we are not bringing into my sons life is that Santa comes on the 6th of Dec. Hehe I want him to have Santa come on Christmas eve night.

Holiday baked goods-Pecan Pie/ Bread Pudding
Only cookbooks I own are from my grandmother oooo And one my MIL bought me to try to convince me to cook Polish Food

I Heart Monster said...

Mmmm! I heart pecan pie AND bread pudding!! I totally understand not wanting Santa on Dec. 6th... Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your grandmother's cookbook! I come from a long line of domestically challenged women who can't bake... or at least if they can, they don't exercise that skill... so I wish I had a cookbook passed down to me!

Jo said...

We don't do baking for Christmas in my family. We very rarely do baking. Shop bought does the job - but we're not huge biscuit eaters anyway.