Saturday, December 5, 2009

Six Hours Down, and I'm Horrible Off Track.

Pages Read: 37 in Beautiful Creatures (123 total - which is about half of what was aiming to be at by this point)
Snacks Eaten: ice cream sandwich, malted milk balls, chips, amlonds, yeah, i kinda pigged out a little
Breaks Taken: I took breaks to comment, get the mail, and eat
Where I've Been: on the couch.

What I've Conquered: Nothing yet
Where I've Failed: Beautiful Creatures. I need something that moves faster for this 'thon.
What I'm Conquering: I'm switching to To Catch A Pirate, hoping it will move a little faster. Beautiful Creatures is amazing, it's just not moving quick enough for me right now. I really would like to finish it today, but we'll see.

How many times the kitties tried to coerce me into napping: 4 (Spyrrie below)

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