Saturday, December 5, 2009

Nine Hour Check-in: Confession Time #rrreadathon

Read-A-Thon Progress Report!

Pages Read: 159 (282 total)
Snacks Eaten: Gummi Lifesavers, Mike & Ikes and Oreos, I really should eat something that isn't junk food, but, dang, I don't wanna
Breaks Taken: Confession: I took a nap. I had this monstrous coughing fit and felt like I needed to rest, so I did. I figured I'd read more in the long run if I didn't fight it.
Where I've Been: In my bed, on the couch

What I've Conquered: 159 pages of To Catch A Pirate (which I'm loving :op)
Where I've Failed: Nap, Junk Food
What I'm Conquering: To Catch A Pirate, then I'm planning on moving along to Nemi I think.

How many times the kitties tried to coerce me into napping: irrelevant this block dontcha think? I mean, they succeeded.

For Seriously Reading's Breaktime Shindig, I'm selecting my favorite cover of the year:
Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

How are you doing??

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