Thursday, December 31, 2009

The IHM Top 5 of 2009

So, of the books I've read, here are my top 5 favorites of 2009 and a little bit as to why:

5. SILVER PHOENIX by Cindy Pon. I fell in love with Ai Ling as a character and admire her strength and persistence. I was also quite surprised by the book, not anticipating hearting it nearly as much as I did. I loved the way the events moved. It was action-packed and paranormal to boot and kept my interest. I was surprised because I don't have much experience or interaction with China or its culture, so I was expecting to be a little lost and a little frustrated, but Cindy did not leave me hanging. This is a lovely tale of spirit that cannot be broken.

4. EYES LIKE STARS by Lisa Mantchev. Bertie is one of my favorite characters of ALL TIME. This novel is truly original... there is nothing else out there like it. I can't even compare it to another book I've read. It is enjoyable in many aspects and though I've seen a lot of people say that you need to have read Shakespeare to enjoy it, I disagree. I had never read any Shakespeare before I read ELS, but I was familiar with his work through pop culture references... and I was fine. I LOVED this book and cannot wait for PERCHANCE TO DREAM. While I read ELS, it felt like I was watching a cartoon of it in my head. It was a vibrant and truly delightful read.

3. BEAUTIFUL CREATURES by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. Even though it took me to read this book, it wasn't the book's fault. I was sick and kept falling asleep. I daresay that if I had been healthy during the 22 days it took me to read Beautiful Creatures that I may have loved it even more. I'm still working on a review to do it justice, so don't worry, one's coming. But, it is exceptionally written. The language is fluid and believable and I also love the characters. And, it's not predictable. I heart it when I don't have a book figured out by the third chapter and this is one of those books.

2. PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS by Michelle Zink. I loved everything about this book. Its impeccable writing, its characters, its world. I loved the apocalyptic tone. I loved that Lia was strong, capable girl and that she had a good head on her shoulders. And I loved that Alice did in her own way too. I love the dichotomy that these twins present. I gifted this title heavily this year because I enjoyed it so much. PROPHECY is the first in a trilogy and I cannot wait for THE GUARDIAN AND THE GATE to come out as well. This story is compelling and you will no doubt be grabbed by it as I was.

1. WILLOW by Julia Hoban. When I ask people if they've read this one, most of the time they say, "No, what's it about?" Then I have to rack my brain and say, "Cutting." because I can't think of anything else to say... I mean, that's what it IS about. But really, when you get down to it, WILLOW is about healing. It's a journey through the whole process of why Willow started cutting and how she starts healing. I put off reading this for a while because I was scared of how it would make me feel. But, when I did, I read it in an afternoon. I loved it and couldn't put it down. I left the book feeling better about humanity, feeling better about myself, feeling uplifted in ways I cannot truly explain with words. It is rare that a book sticks with you like this one did with me. If you haven't read it, go get it, right now. Forget your worries that you'll slip into a deep dark depression because of it (you won't, I promise) and just read it. Seriously.

Okay, those were mine. What were yours?


NotNessie said...

See? Just goes to show how opinions can vary. The two books from this list that I've read (BC and PoS) were "meh" at best for me. Glad you liked them, though.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Willow as well

Diana Dang said...

Eyes Like Stars is a great novel! I'm currently reading Silver Phoenix and I'm loving it so far!

~The Book Pixie said...

I've read Beautiful Creatures and all the others are one I really want. Especially Willow! That is on the books I've wanted most this year. Great picks :D

I did a similar post here if you wanna see:


celi.a said...

Eyes Like Stars and Silver Phoenix were great fun - I'm glad they made your 'best of 2009' list! I can't wait for their sequels! And I got Beautiful Creatures for Christmas, so I think there's some great reading in my future. Hope you have a wonderful 2010!

Llehn said...

That's a great list! I loved Silver Phoenix as well and Shiver and Ballad. Can you tell that I'm a Maggie Stiefvater fan?

Princess Allie said...

My top 2009 books are The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moor and The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. They were really good! I thought the pacing was kinda tough in Beautiful Creatures.