Thursday, December 24, 2009

An I Heart Monster Christmas (warning: randomness ensues)

Christmas for me is like Christmas for many, with a few exceptions. Here are some random bullets about Christmas with Monster and me... I hope you enjoy.
  • All presents are opened on Christmas Eve. You gotta clear the tree for Santa, dude.
  • I grew up with boots under the tree rather than stockings hanging from the mantle, but I do stockings now as an adult.
  • Santa doesn't wrap his gifts... 'cause he totally doesn't have time to, duh.
  • In central Arizona, we don't really get "white" Christmases. Ours are nice though - you can totally do outdoorsy things with your fam!
  • Due to the previous point, there is no decorating with snowflakes or snowmen. Lotsa people do, but Monster, being from Wyoming where there are snowy Christmases, has forbidden them from our house. He says, "It's just wrong."
  • Even though I've never had the experience of chopping down a Christmas tree of my own, I have had occasion to have a "real" Christmas tree. But, in the ever-changing environmental impact debate, I just have a fake one now (which now I guess is more environmentally impactful than a real one, what's a girl to do?).
  • We alternate years between Arizona and Wyoming for Christmas, spending a year with Monster's family, and then a year with mine. Wyoming last Christmas --------->
  • We have a yearly ornament exchange one Sunday in December with my family and friends at my parents' house... it's a Secret Elf exchange and we all buy for the person that draws for us, then we meet for food and exchanges and we open and try to guess who got us our ornament. This year, I got a Lenore ornament. Total Score!
  • When we're with my family for Christmas, we gather on Christmas Eve and have our big dinner, then we open our gifts. When we're with Devin's fam, we open one gift on Christmas Eve and keep the rest for Christmas morning.
  • Things we do around Christmas include usually taking a trip to the Phoenix Zoo for their Zoolights presentation. Last year, we had a lot of fun watching the section that had lights timed to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. We also usually make at least one trip to the LDS Mesa Temple which is decorated with lights.
  • This year, my family is going to actually get together on Christmas Day (gasp!) and we're going to do a handmade white elephant exchange. We're testing it out to see how it goes.
  • The kittehs have their own stocking. I gave up on seperate ones for all of them because Kitty Claus just doesn't have the moolah to fill up five seperate stockings. They all share anyway! Speaking of kitties, I have a funny Christmas-ish story to share about them. Last year we were in Wyoming for Xmas and the babes had the Xmas tree all to themselves. They of course stripped it of all of its ornaments and I never found them all. There was this particular hand crocheted cupcake that was adorable that appeared to be lost forever. Not so. Today I found Sweetpea playing with it in the shower of all places. But they've been really good this year and have left the ornaments on the tree. They know about the Naughty List!
With that, I'll leave you to your super fun, totally awesome, wonderful wondrous selves and wish you a very very very Merry Christmas!

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celi.a said...

Merry Christmas! Just LOOKING at that photo of Wyoming is making me shiver... we don't have white up here in Seattle, but it is quite cold. Frosty! Have a wonderful holiday!