Monday, December 14, 2009

Five Bookish Gift Ideas for the Animal Lover

We all have an animal lover in our life. There are several kinds! There is the person who loves their animals, their pets, who adores them and dotes on them and whatnot. There is the person who is dedicated to saving the animals before human encroachment can extinguish more. There is the person who loves their dog and the person who loves going to the zoo. There are areas where these people overlap and a lot of people that fall into more than one category. I've outlined five bookish gifts I think some of them might like:

1. If your animal lover is all about saving endangered species and saving the rainforest, then you might try Jane Goodall's new book/audiobook, HOPE FOR ANIMALS AND THEIR WORLD. I'm listening to it right now and it has made me tear up a few times with the great stories of resilience and perseverance on the parts of the species that came to the brink of extinction and the wildlife biologists that helped save them.

2. VAMPIRE TAXONOMY by Meredith Woerner might not be your first instinct for the animal lover, but I think it would make a great gift because of the way it's organized. Since it's layed out like a field guide for vampires, your friend or family member who likes nature and a little bit about the paranormal would most likely find this a very amusing, entertaining read.

3. Boo Radley, a wolfish dog who relays everything he sees to Lena's Uncle Macon in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES is a lovely, cherished character. Even though he's minor, he's loveable and crucial to the story. If they love their loyal companion, they'll most likely love Boo Radley and the characters he follows around. For another YA book with a central wolf-dog character, try MERIDIAN by Amber Kizer, Custos is an amazing character as well!

4. Happy Family is selling adorable totes with either a barn owl or an octopus on them (there are other less-animal-ish designs too). They'd make the perfect gift for someone who likes going to the library or bookstore and bringing home a lot of books. These range between $8 and $10. Or for the cat lover, try Paisley Magic's kitten screened tote or Medium Control's Watson Tote. (Photo from here.)

5. Bookmarks are always fun, but Blue Manatee's zoo animal themed bookmarks are extra fun. Plus, if you buy the set of 8, you could totally split them up and give them to multiple people if you wanted to. They're adorable, and functional, and any animal lover will love them. (Photo from here.)

Tell us what you're getting the animal lover on your list, even if it's not bookish!

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