Saturday, December 26, 2009

Come Back! I Miss You!

I know a lot of you have had difficulty in the past with commenting here at I Heart Monster. I have to admit, I thought that the js-kit comments widget was cool. But then it stopped synchronizing with Blogger, and they told me it was supposed to stop synchronizing with Blogger. That kinda irked me. Then they stopped identifying the Gravatars, so even more annoying, and then they started tweeting and not recognizing people's email addresses or their websites anymore. It got to the point where Echo was just not functional for my readers, and that means it's just not functional, period.

I totally heart your comments. I really do, so I embarked on what became a month-long email and wiki-help quest to remove the js-kit Echo comments widget from my site. It took going public on their forum and titling my post in an inappropriate manner to get the help I needed. Finally, I got the help I needed to uninstall the widget, but I lost all of the comments that you guys left over the eight or so months that we had Echo here at IHM. I am sad that I lost all of that input, but at the same time, overjoyed that you should be able to comment with ease from now on.

So, I am very sorry that you had to put up with Echo, and I really hope you'll come back now that we're back to basic Blogger comments and tell us what you think about what's going on over here in our little corner of the blogoverse.

To those of you who stuck it out: Thank you for putting up with it. My sincerest sincere thanks, seriously.

You know I heart you (and your comments too),

I Heart Monster


Alyce said...

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that you had such a hard time with your comments widget! Glad it's all fixed now though. :)

NotNessie said...

Just because I can...

celi.a said...

I like NotNessie's comment. That was basically my thought, too. :)

I Heart Monster said...

You guys are awesome :o) Thanks for commenting!!