Friday, December 11, 2009

Audiobook Inspection: The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson

Size: 5 CDs (Hachette Audio CDs)
Length: 5 hours, 59 minutes
Author: James Patterson, Martin Dugard
Narrator: Joe Barrett

Plot Sketch: The plot is told from three different aspects, the first is that of Patterson himself involving the journey it took him to write the book. The second is that of Howard Carter, the man who discovered Tut's tomb. The third is that of Tut himself. Carter's story takes you from when he was a young man all the way until his discovery and exploitation of Tut's tomb. Tut's story takes you from a very young age to the time of his death and is dramatized. It involves his mother who was not truly his mother, his sister who later became his wife, and some rather ambitious peripheral characters that center around Patterson's murder investigation. I dare not tell you more because I do not want to ruin this for you!

Plot Verdict: I Heart It! I wouldn't call this nonfiction though. I think it's more historical fiction made as accurate as possible with the information that Patterson could dig up. That doesn't make it bad! It is intriguing and engaging and one of those audiobooks that will have you sitting in your car not wanting to get out and into your destination because you want to know what happens next. I loved it and have been heartily recommending it to all.

Narration Verdict: I Heart It. Joe Barrett did a wonderful job. The narration is top-notch and made the story come alive as I was driving through the streets of metro Phoenix. Seriously, an amazing narration, so much so that I can't determine whether it was the story or its telling that I was more enthralled with.

  • I visited the King Tut exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Did any of you see the exhibit? I'd like to know what you thought.
  • You can listen to an exerpt and/or download a podcast from Hachette.
  • Hear what Patterson has to say about his book:

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