Friday, December 18, 2009

An Argentine Christmas by Ella Press

I've "met" so many fun people by blogging this year, and so many of them are from such fun places from all over the world! I was curious about their Christmas customs, so I've asked a few of my bloggy friends to tell us about Christmas in their countries. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I have, 'cause I learned a LOT. To start it off, we have the lovely Ella Press of The Clock Monkey. I hope you enjoy reading about Christmas in Argentina!

Hello everyone! I'm Ella, and I'm from Argentina :)

Living here is really nice (I won't say great, because I'd rather be somewhere else, somewhere more exciting!). I live in a big town -not a city, but getting there- in the South of the country, right where the Patagonia begins. My town, Viedma, is by the Negro River, and it's just 30 km from the ocean.

Which is great in summer. But the thing is, we have a Hot Christmas!

No snow for us down here during winter either, it only snows near the Andes (ever heard of Bariloche?) and in Usuhaia, place known as The End of the World.

This weather brings a lot of questions to the little kids, if we start talking about Santa, or as we call him here, Papá Noel.

For instance:

Q: Why does Papá Noel wear all of those big clothes? Isn't he hot?
A: No, honey. That's because he lives in the North Pole, and he's cold there. When he comes here, he takes his jacket off.

Q: If he comes in through the fireplace, where does he come in here? (only few people have fireplaces in Arg)
A: He comes through the key hole.
Q: But how? He's reaaaaally big!
A: The same way when he comes through the fireplace in other kids' homes. He has a special way of making himself tiny.

Q: What about his (sleigh?)? I don't see it anywhere.
A: That's because it's parked around the corner.

Q: Can I ask him to bring me the latest Playstation?
A: No, he doesn't have that much money. Remember, he has to give gifts to every child in the world!
Q: Money? But he makes his toys in the North Pole! With the elves!
A: *crickets*

Another thing about an Argentine Christmas is the Christmas Tree.

See, we don't buy REAL trees. We have fake ones. And we usually use the same one every year, unless it breaks. Then we might change it.

I've had the same little tree since I can remember.

When I was little, I used to go to my grandparents' to spend Christmas and New Year's. My gran's neighbour has a big patio with a pool and a grill to make asado (asado is like bbq, only better! Very Argentine!). We used to always go there, have dinner, make the toast, and as we little ones were playing with fireworks -not by ourselves, of course- there was always a grown-up that just dissapeared.

By the time he or she came back, they told us: Oh! Guess who just came? Papá Noel! You missed him! Didn't you see his sleigh in the sky?

And so we ran inside, anxious to get our presents, but disappointed that we hadn't gotten to see Papá Noel.

And that's a little part of what usually happens at a Christmas Party here, in Argentina.

Thanks for letting me share!

Thank you, Ella for telling us a little about what Christmas is like for you! If you're more curious about Argentina, check out its Wikipedia article or it's entry in the CIA Factfile. Oh, and I'm working on that challenge, so don't think I forgot! OH! And btw, I have changed my comments back to normal Blogger comments, so please feel free to come back and comment to those of you who were having issues!


Jo said...

What an awesome post! Thanks Ella! It was great to read about how you celebrate Christmas!
I've never had a fireplace. I "worked out" how Father Christmas got in to give me and my brother pressies - he has a magic key that will fit in ANY door, so he just unlocks it and comes in. What a clever child I was, eh?! Haha! :P

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