Saturday, November 21, 2009

You're The Expert: Used Books As Gifts

The holiday season is upon us my friends. With Black Friday less than a week away, I have some questions for you about your book gifting and receiving preferences! I personally don't mind receiving used books as gifts. I don't however, purchase a book, read it, and then pass it along as a gift. I kinda feel like that is cheating (not that it is, it's just the way I feel).

See, I have this wishlist that is all about books, and I usually make sure that my family knows that I don't need brand new books, so whatever they prefer to buy is fine with me. They also know that I'd like them to be in good condition - I don't want it to be all dog-eared and dirty. But tell me what you think. I am always intrigued by your answers ad expertise on matters such as these!
  • So, do you gift used books?
  • Do you mind receiving used books as gifts?
  • Do you have a preference to give/receive used but not new the other as gifts or vice versa?
  • Tell me your general take on gifting books.


Anonymous said...

Looking for Alaska and Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy look like they're used... Anyway, I don't care if I get a used book as long as it has a good story. I don't even care if the books are in good condition although I like it whenever they are in good condition. As long as it's still readable, it doesn't matter. I haven't given any used books as gifts yet because I'm hesitant to part with my belongings.

I Heart Monster said...

I actually bought Looking for Alaska used, as well as Wake. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy was new! :o)

Idris said...

I saw your copy of Nine Lives of Chloe King! OMG! Like new????
I don't like to buy used books, but I've been doing it the last few times. There are too many books I want to read, and sometimes the new copy is to expensive. For example, the other day a got Beautiful Darkness, hard cover, good condition, and $5. The book was in perfect condition. I thought for a moment that they had sent me a new copy!
So, a few days ago I bought 3 books (I liked the idea of hard cover and low price) But I'm still waiting... I hope they are in good conditions...

Samantha said...

As long as all the pages are there and it doesn't smell I don't really care about the condition. A book is a book and the cheaper the better. I do have to say that being honest is important. If you tell me that the book is close to falling apart and needs the cover taped back on I will buy it and give you a five star rating. If you tell me that it's "like new" and it's falling apart and you have random pages that have fallen out and are in the envelope and it smells like smoke I'm going to have some issues.