Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Trip to Barnes & Noble

So I never get to Barnes & Noble. Like NEVER. I'm kinda a homebody and my UPS guy (Steve) and I see each other at least 3 times a week 'cause I'm a big fan of skipping out on shopping runs and just ordering things online. And when I do leave, it's usually to go to the grocery store, to hang out with friends, or to get out and hike. So, since I was meeting a friend in town for lunch today, I decided I'd stop by Barnes & Noble and pick up a book.
So I went in and headed straight for the bargain section, as is my usual instinct. Nothing piqued my interest there, even in the classics section, so I headed straight back to YA. I had seen my brother and he had asked me about the next book in the MORGANVILLE VAMPS series by Rachel Caine, so I was on a mission to find it.
FADE OUT was missing from the display of all of the other Morganville books, so I busted out the Blackberry (not just to take the wonderful picture you see here) to do a web search and confirmed that I was indeed not crazy and that the book had already been released. So, then I went around the Teens section searching for this book (btw, they need to make this section bigger), and finally found it tucked away on a bottom shelf. I also found a volume that contained the first and second books, GLASS HOUSES and THE DEAD GIRL'S DANCE (which would make a great gift methinks).
Since I'm there, I thought I'd take a look around to see if I could even find some books I've got on my shelves at home. It's a little game I like to play. It's dorky, I know, but I play it anyway. I found WILLOW on a
bottom shelf (shame!). I found HUSH, HUSH on the new releases shelf right next to SPHINX'S PRINCESS (which I presume is the next in the Nobody's Princess series, which I have yet to begin, but that book looks great if you judge it by its cover) and GIRL IN THE AREA which I really really want to read, and hope someone gets me for either my birthday or Christmas (hint, hint). I took a couple of snaps of the New Releases section so that you could see. MERIDIAN was right smack in the middle of them and I was happy to see it there.

Then, with no PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS in sight, I headed over to the Happy Holidays for Teens table in search of it. I was delighted to see EYES LIKE STARS in a prominent position on this display table because I only found one copy on the regular shelves.
But, still no PROPHECY, so I walked around to the other side of the table. There I saw BEAUTIFUL CREATURES (which I am in the middle of right now) on the bottom, underneath the table.
So I took my Word Ninja duties seriously and boosted them up onto an empty slot on top of the table, *whoosh*. Yeah, it was like that.
I hope you enjoyed this little recap of my trip to Barnes & Noble. I ended up just purchasing a copy of FADE OUT by Rachel Caine because my little brother (who's 24) really wants to read it. I have copies of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES and HUSH, HUSH at home waiting to be read. I've read and reviewed WILLOW, PROPHECY OF THE SISTERS, EYES LIKE STARS, MERIDIAN and CARPE CORPUS of the books mentioned above, and linked to them in their names in this sentence if you're curious. I shouldn't buy any more books though because my birthday is coming in a couple of weeks and I don't want to spoil the integrity of my wishlist!

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