Friday, November 6, 2009

Book Inspection: Wake by Lisa McMann

Plot Sketch: Janie doesn't fit in at school. She lives on the wrong side of town for that. She also has this problem. Any time someone falls asleep in the same room as she does, she gets pulled into their dreams. She maintains her consciousness to a certain degree, but is physically incapacitated for the most part. Her mom is a no-good welfare-collecting alcoholic and Janie fends for herself most of the time. She makes friends with the girl who moves in next door, and through a series of certain events that leads her to befriending Cabel Strumheller. Cabel is also from the wrong side of town. This is the story of Janie and Cabel and how they learn to overcome not only adversity, but their own dreams.

Verdict: I Heart It!! I ordered this book used a while ago because I read a raving review of it. Shortly after it arrived in the mail, I read three consecutive negative reviews. I thought to myself, "Eh, oh well," and kind of wrote off the book and let it sit. Then when I was making my list of short-ish books to choose from for the Read-A-Thon, I saw it on the shelf and threw it in the pile. Then you guys voted it one of the tops for me to read. I read it first and flew threw it. It was a great book! And now I feel foolish for basing my reading list on others' interpretations so heavily in this case. I just preordered the paperback sequel called FADE, because I can't wait to read more, but I like to keep my series in the same format (hard- or paper- backed). McMann does a great job with the book. Her characters are believable. Her context is believable. When I was looking for a 'yeah right' moment, it let me down. Great quick read and I highly recommend.

The Gauntlet:

At what location does most of the story take place?
Deductively, Michigan(It only takes 5 hours to get to Stratford, Canada, it snows a lot, and there's a U of M) though it never said that from what I can find or remember.

What is the main character's name?
Janie Hannagan

Does I Heart Monster like the main character?
Yes, very much. I root for her constantly. I like that she has no sense of entitlement, only a great work ethic.

How long did it take I Heart Monster to finish the book?
three hours

Did I Heart Monster get stuck at any points in the book? If so, why?
Nope. I flew through it. (It's short)

Is this a good read for Monster?
I think he might like it... it's definitely one that guys shouldn't mind reading.

What, if anything, would I Heart Monster change to make the book more interesting?
I might like to see less crying, but I get why they do.

What was I Heart Monster's favorite line?
She finds Snickers bars in the strangest places.
(She knows they're from him.)
(She wonders if they're laced with pot.)

How many chapters were in the book?
9. But they're broken up by dates and times chronologically.


Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publish Date: March 4, 2008
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1416953574

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