Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Six Hour Mark #readathon

Read-A-Thon Progress Report!

Pages Read: 306
Snacks Eaten: Quakes, Sobe
Breaks Taken: 1 bathroom, 2 mini-challenges
Where I've Been: still on the couch.

What I've Conquered:Wake!
Where I've Failed: Took me a while to get back on track after the last mini-challenge... Bart was right - it was kind of a time suck without realizing it. Oh well!
What I'm Conquering: I'm almost 1/2 way through The Devouring by Simon Holt. So far, so good!

How many times the kitties tried to coerce me into napping: +2 - Lark & Munch... baaaaad kitties.

This part is Opi's Ramblings Mini Challenge called Perspectives, where we name three books with different perspectives than ours that we have read and enjoyed. Mine are:

Willow by Julia Hoban. Told from the perspective of Willow Randall who has been through such horrific loss - something I've never experienced, but a different perspective that broadened my horizons.

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Smith. Told from the perspective of a girl brought up in a polygamous compound. Such different social mores and expectations.

Audrey! Wait by Robin Benway. Told from the perspective of someone who was made famous not of their own volition. Not a situation I've been in, or want to be in!

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