Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Reading Begins! #readathon

And I'm off! Above are my planned books for the 'thon including the audiobook, which is loaded and ready on my Blackberry! Wish me luck with Wake, and we'll pray that I stay AWAKE. Instead of reviewing the books today, I'll just be posting a picture with either a heart or a no heart, and will write and post the reviews in the upcoming weeks.

News Bulletin: Motivation for me to stay awake! Monster will get home early Sunday morning between 1 and 3 am!

Watch for updates every three hours from me, where I'll share how many pages I've read, which snacks I've eaten, breaks taken, and probably a little more fun info and maybe even some pics as I go. WOOT!

Oooo... don't forget to help me out in You're The Expert today... need your expertise on some techniquage. (yeah, i might have made that word up, maybe)

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