Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Seems like this week and last a whole bunch of my favorite TV shows had their season premieres. I watch a lot of television, but I watch it online instead of in its prime time. I got to thinking about which of my favorite TV shows were premiering and it dawned on me that a lot of them are based on books:

I'm a Gossip Girl (CW) groupie, and watch every episode faithfully on Tuesday mornings. At first I was disappointed that the show was so different from the books. I always loved Jenny's story in The It Girl spin-off better than the original GG, so the fact that they weren't identical really didn't break my heart. I also learned that the original story by Cecily von Ziegesar was of little importance, but the world she created in her series is what is so appealing. (Photo from here)

I don't think I know a single person that has watched an episode of Bones (FOX) and isn't in love with the series. I mean, you've got super talented forensic anthropologist, Dr. Brennan, and her cocky intuitive FBI partner, Agent Booth. It's a great partnership, and it is all based on the
novels of Kathy Reichs who also gets producer credit on the show. (Photo from here)

The new Vampire Diaries (CW), as I'm sure you've heard, is somewhat based on L.J. Smith's books, but I think it's great to get a visual on Smith's world. I've read half of the Diaries, and am really enjoying the two episodes we've got of this so far. The dark and brooding feeling feels so much more authentic than so many other vampire tv shows have (I admit I'm thinking Moonlight here). (Photo from here)

Upcoming Eastwick (ABC), which has to be inspired by John Updike's Witches of Eastwick, looks to be promising with one of my new favorite acresses, Lindsay Price in a key role. Since there have been a few film adaptations, I guess it was inevitable that someone would try to base a TV series on it. (Photo from here)

Then there's Castle (ABC). It's not based on a book, but the premise revolves around a best-selling mystery novelist and opens with the mantra, "Only two types of people sit around all day plotting ways to kill people: psycho killers and mystery novelists." I love the laughs I get when I watch Richard Castle and the tough Detective Beckett he follows around NYC getting inspiration for his next novel. It's a crime drama, but offers a fresh spin. The novel, Heat Wave, that Castle is writing in the tv show is actually going to be published by Hyperion this fall, that should be nothing short of interesting. I wonder who is ghost writing it? (Photo from here)

So, what's my point?

A lot of great TV shows would not be here if it was not first for great books. Except for Castle, I guess there wouldn't be a book without the TV show, but wow, symbiotic much?

Do you watch any of these? Did I miss any shows based off of books that are currently on TV?

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