Sunday, September 20, 2009

Banned Books Week Challenge

Catcher in the Rye . . . Of Mice and Men . . . Harry Potter . . .
What's your favorite book? Chances are good that someone has tried to ban it. Celebrate YOUR freedom to read during Banned Books Week, September 26 to October 3. For more information, visit
WTF, IHM is giving me a challenge?  Yeah, I am.  Read one book off of the Frequently Banned Book List of 1990-1999 in the next two weeks.  That's all.  You probably have one of them sitting on your shelves right now. Pick it up, read it, and do a little happy dance that we don't have a government that picks what we get to read.  Then, come to this post and tell us what you read and why you think it might have been banned by someone.

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