Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WIN A Signed Copy of Meridian by Amber Kizer!

Meridian is a great book, seriously. I purchased my hardback from Amazon and it shipped out yesterday. (hopefully I get it today!) Because Amber is such an awesome person, she has
allowed me to do a giveaway for one signed copy of MERIDIAN. How cool is she?

In Meridian, there is a character named Auntie, who is Meridian's great aunt. She makes quilts about people's lives and has made hundreds over the years. She makes them because it helps her deal with an aspect of being a Fenestra, and I'll let you figure out the rest when you read the book..

So, to enter, tell us what would be on a quilt that depicted an important theme, aspect, or event of your life? What have you focused most on in your life so far? What is most important to you? What
brings you the most joy? Tell us about the scene that would be on your quilt, if Auntie made one for you. This is required to enter.

For example, my quilt would most likely depict my love for the desert mountains near which I live, my passion for ecology and travel along with a basketball, the sport to which I dedicated so much of my youth.

If you want to sketch out that scene as it would be in your quilt (either electronically or by hand) and upload it in your comment or in reply to your comment or email it to me, I will give you an additional three entries. Be sure to sign in to the comment form and leave your email address!

Extra Entries (LEAVE ALL ENTRIES IN ONE COMMENT or in reply to your comment):

+1 If you commented yesterday on the Savvy Scribblers post.
+1 If you use the Retweet button on this post.
+1 Link to this contest on your site/blog. (leave a link in reply to your comment if you do it later)

This contest ends September 2nd at 11:59PM Arizona time. It is open worldwide.

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